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[edit] Casting sides

The casting sides that were discovered in March 2007 contain plot points that all appear in the film.

The site is a play on The Dark Knight's working title, Rory's First Kiss.

[edit] Characters

The following characters appear in the film.

  • Appears in the film as Assistant District Attorney, aiding Harvey Dent in his quest to bring down Sal Maroni. It is also known publicly that she is dating Dent. Her fate leads to a pivotal turn in the film between Harvey Dent, Jim Gordon, and Batman.
  • Appears in the film as Commissioner,
    but is murdered early in the film by the Joker.
  • Is mayor of Gotham in the film, and
    is targeted for death by Joker, but survives.
  • Seen running Wayne Enterprises as CEO.
    It is very clear that he knows who Batman is. He willingly aids in Batman's quest, and attempts to protect Batman's identity as well.
  • First seen in the film on trial by Harvey Dent, accused of being the head of the Falcone crime family under the guise of heading an import/export business. He struggles to regain his power in Gotham's underworld, and although wary of the Joker's services, he openly offers his resources - namely, moles in the law and police departments. Harvey Dent faces him
    as Two-Face at the end of the film.
  • A hot-headed gang leader, he distrusts the Joker immensely.
  • The mob leader who trusts Joker the most, but his allegiance turns when
    the Joker, instead of returning the mobs' money as promised, burns half of it instead.
  • Shown as host of multiple episodes of Gotham Tonight several times in the film, and someone who is very distrustful of Batman. Mike Engel is later
    taken hostage by the Joker, but is rescued by Batman.
  • After being arrested for voter intimidation, he cuts a deal and appears in the film as a witness testifying against Sal Maroni. During the trial,
    he pulls a gun on DA Harvey Dent, but it misfires and he is taken into custody.
  • Appears in the film as the head Batman copycat, and is
    kidnapped by the Joker, then killed and his body (complete with crude Batsuit) publicly displayed.
  • Judge Nancy Surrillo

[edit] Plot-related references

  • The slogan "I believe in Harvey Dent" is said by Bruce Wayne when showing his support for Dent, and is later given a deeper meaning at the end of the film, when
    Batman takes the blame for the murders that Two-Face committed, so that Dent's legacy as Gotham's "White Knight" will remain.
  • Joker is seen wearing a Dent support sticker when he
    visits Dent in Gotham General Hospital.
  • Bruce Wayne is seen keeping surveillance on Harvey Dent - in one clip, posters from can be seen in the background during what seems to be a Dent campaign stop.
  • It is mentioned in the film that before Harvey Dent was elected District Attorney, he made his name by investigating corrupt police officers by working with "internal affairs". It is this work that earns him a nickname in the MCU -
  • Evolves from a support site for Batman into a full-fledged community of organized vigilantes who emulate Batman.
    They appear in the film as Batman copycats, complete with crude Batsuits, although they can be differentiated from the real Batman by their unabashed use of guns.
  • Similar to some takedowns that are references in CFB Underground, early in the film
    a group of them attempt to take down a drug deal between Scarecrow and the Chechen, but are foiled by Batman.
  • The Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit plays a significant part in the film, and Gordon openly (albeit not publicly) lets Batman work with them on their investigations.
  • Joker is
    captured and taken to the MCU, but he manages to escape.
  • As Harvey Dent predicted, corruption in Gotham PD
    trickles even into the MCU, when corrupt cops help Joker kidnap Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes.
  • As described in the first issue of The Gotham Times, the presence of Batman has disturbed the mob hierarchy.
  • Joker provides a clue as to his future target in a future printing of The Gotham Times, which Gordon and Batman find at the scene of a crime. It even appears slightly Jokerized.
  • Ballerina Natascha Patrenko appears in the film as Bruce Wayne's date at a fancy restaurant, where he is introduced to Harvey Dent.
    Bruce Wayne also takes the entire Gotham ballet company on an impromptu yacht trip as part of a Batman-related alibi, causing the ballet performances to be canceled.
  • The Joker hijacks (and re-christens) a truck from Hyams Amusements, which is mentioned in the third issue of The Gotham Times as being a part of Gotham's yearly South Side Carnival.
  • There is a significant plot point involving a Wayne Enterprises "government telecommunications project" where
    Batman uses a new wireless technology system to secretly monitor all cell-phone users in Gotham, which upsets Lucius Fox.
    Various characters are also seen in the film using Nokia phones.
  • The sixth episode of Gotham Tonight, which became available on July 11, has a breaking news segment referring to the bank robbery that takes place during the opening sequence of The Dark Knight.
  • The second episode of Gotham Tonight, which became available on June 20, mentions "Radiation stamping technology" as one of the technologies Wayne Industries has acquired and/or developed under the direction of Bruce Wayne.
    This technology is then used by Batman and the Gotham PD in an attempt to track mob drug money.
  • The seventh episode of Gotham Tonight, alluded to in the sixth episode, partially appears, when Mike Engel can be seen interviewing Mayor Anthony Garcia about the Batman and what the city will do about him.
  • GCN news reports can be seen on various televisions during the film.
  • The Joker submits videos of hostages to relay his plans, and calls into an episode of Gotham Tonight,
    threatening to blow up a hospital.
  • The Liberty Ferry is mentioned in the film as being
    the ferry which the Gotham civilians are on. The ferry containing the criminals is named Spirit.
  • Two ferries are involved in the movie's climax.
  • mentions the bus line being rerouted in District 22, and in the TDK IMAX prologue, the Joker is seen escaping the bank heist in a yellow school bus conspicuously marked "District 22."
  • As mentioned in the June 20 update, there is a field trip on July 11. This might explain how the Joker is able to escape the robbery within a line of yellow school buses, since the July 11 episode of Gotham Tonight reveals the bank heist has just occurred.
  • The meeting between gang factions that takes place early in the film may occur in a back room of Pasquale's Bistro.
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