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-The puzzle was eventually found to be little more than a dead end, with the real game continuing with [[|calls to participants with Joker cell phones.]]+With this dead end, the real game continued with [[|calls to participants with Joker cell phones.]]
==Issue 3== ==Issue 3==

Revision as of 18:21, 26 June 2008 is the Joker's parody of


Issue 1

November 23, 2007

Screenshot from November 30, when "The Perfect Getaway" clue was attached
Screenshot from November 30, when "The Perfect Getaway" clue was attached


A number of words and phrases were circled:

Mobsters fight for their right to party
Gotham streets turned into
killed in
after midnight, attempting to
late last night, police
press conference
continue to take every
mob watches said the
Dead letters to the sheep
his own political
protect Gotham citizens
the soaring crime rate
pater familias as
I lived through
even acknowledge that
up they were by
your email address and
Gotham girl guides sue elves for stealing cookie recipes
of childhood never
Young, pretty, and full
their time selling the
home to these days?
by walking hours
their parents
look ahead
day that broke all of our
"But now, after the thefts, I look
Look out gotham, Harvey Dent's tie attacks
to get in front of as
It's the space between
instead imported
cameras on him

When the viewer responded to the classified ad correction on pg 2 of The Gotham Times at the address, they were emailed the following:

See you found my little message. So, do you think you have what it takes to be a part of my circle of friends? Are you a backstabbing, self-promoting, ambitious clown who will do anything to prove yourself to me? If so, the first step of your application process awaits...if you know where to look.

The solution to the circled phrases puzzle was discovered, leading to

November 30, 2007

A note with the words "THE PERFECT GETAWAY" written on it was added to page 4. This led to the discovery of

Issue 2

March 28, 2008

Three days after a new issue of The Gotham Times was released, was updated with a parody of the second edition of the paper.


As before, there are a number of circled words, dots, and notes taped to the newspaper.

The "I Hate Bees" note is likely an inside joke with 42 Entertainment, since one of their prominent past projects was the "I Love Bees" campaign for the game Halo 2.

The circled words "puzzle" spread throughout the pages can be solved by counting the word's place within its paragraph. For example, 'initial' is the 13th word in the paragraph, so the associated letter would be 'M,' and so on. The result is the following message from the Joker mocking the efforts of those trying to solve the puzzle.


With this dead end, the real game continued with calls to participants with Joker cell phones.

Issue 3

June 24, 2008

Eleven days after the third issue of The Gotham Times was released, was updated with a new spoof.


As usual, a collection of circled letters are found dispersed through the issue. Combining the letters in order results in:

Herrings are red

Corpses are blue
You're on the right track
But you don't have the clue

Dispersed through the issue are also the following circled words (all are 5 letters long):

party chaos level arent twice world level Dents Dents faced urban

The importance of these words was revealed in the solution to the Be Amazed cell phone puzzle. The second letters of the fourth words to the right of the circled words spelled out "RED BALLOONS," leading to a new Why So Serious site:

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