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[edit] May 30, 2007

After was shut down, it redirected to, a fictional entertainment company. The employee pictures are actually pictures of the participants in Joker makeup. Letters and balls flash, and a cheery circus MIDI plays in the background.

[edit] Clowns for rent

Bits-and-pieces Floyd

Bowlegs Mick

Lumps Sylvester

With an axe Hank

Wimpy Jed

Popular Tommy

Headfirst Bill

Mumps Lloyd

Giggles Bill

Terrible Ronald

Popular Butch

Terrible George

Mixed-up Bill

Easybleeder Earl

Inside-out Hank

Jaunty Earl

Cheerful Humphrey

Lumps Donny

Outlaw Butch

Sloppy Teddy

Fishknife Freddy

Horizontal Teddy

Rabid Hank

Shingles Leonard

Blinks Ronald

Footloose Donny

Itchy Leonard

Lumps Bill

Rightsideup Bill

With an axe Butch

Easybleeder Klyde

Inside-out Lou

Blinks Lou

Bits-and-pieces Klyde

Wimpy Leonard

Kerosone Sylvester

Itchy Mick

Shingles Sylvester

Quarantine Humphrey

Peeler Frankie

Outlaw Earl

Itchy Lloyd

Tickles Carl

Horizontal Mick

With an axe Jed

Whackjob Frankie

Shortstack Hank

Shingles Carl

Kerosone Butch

Fishknife Sylvester

Sinful Floyd

Deep six Humphrey

With an axe Leonard

Chipper Bill

Rightsideup Lou

Chuckles Frankie

With an axe Freddy

Kerosone Butch

Crooked Floyd

Popular Frankie

Deep six Boris

Jaunty Mick

Horizontal Johnny

Jaunty Oswald

Right-angle Mick

Shortstack Carl

Sloppy Tommy

Giggles Floyd

Serial Jed

Sloppy Earl

Rightsideup Lloyd

Popular Humphrey

Headfirst Tommy

Sawed-off Johnny

Gutshot Leonard

Terrible Klyde

Chipper Mick

Terrible Floyd

Twitches Klyde

Scabs Teddy

With an axe Sid

Kerosone George

Deadly Bill

Black-and-blue Jed

Terrible Hank

Black-and-blue Teddy

Inside-out Lloyd

Headfirst George

With an axe Sid

Popular Donny

Whackjob Boris

Peepers Bill

Serial Bill

Itchy Bill

Shortstack Mick

Bits-and-pieces Lou

Lumps Floyd

Blinks Sylvester

Rightsideup Lloyd

Rightsideup Humphrey

Chuckles Klyde

Easybleeder Bill

Peepers Teddy

Cinders Teddy

Ransack Lloyd

Gutshot Floyd

Popular Boris

Bits-and-pieces Leonard

Cheerful Earl

Footloose George

Jumpy Sylvester

Wimpy Lloyd

Whackjob Leonard

Deadly Sylvester

Whackjob Ronald

Chuckles Humphrey

Sawed-off Freddy

Outlaw Oswald

Popular Frankie

Headfirst Lloyd

Deep six Frankie

Cinders Sylvester

Scabs Johnny

Bowlegs Hank

Terrible Ronald

Horizontal Carl

Chuckles Earl

Scabs Johnny

Quarantine Humphrey

Chuckles Humphrey

Kerosone Earl

With an axe Hank

Quarantine Mick

Twitches Butch

Itchy Earl

Deadly Donny

Quarantine Tommy

Chuckles Tommy

Kerosone Butch

[edit] Hidden message

Like after it shut down, there are hidden "ha ha ha"s and and stray letters, this time in the site's source code. After removing all the "HA"'s from the commented HTML code, the hidden message appears:

made you look

[edit] March 26, 2008

Recruitment text message duties are apparently transferred from to Participants with cell phones receive the following message:

Hey clown! Long time, no crime spree! Well, put on your floppy shoes and answer this question: are you ready to get to work? (ReplyY/N)

Replying resulted in this message, suggesting a new game before April Fool's:

Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking. I’ll be in touch before Poisson d’Avril.

For the other phone-owners who did not manage to reply in time, the following was sent:

Sorry you were a little slow on the draw this time around, clown. But don't worry, the circus ain't over...

[edit] March 30, 2008

Participants are called on their phones by a live person and informed that they are one out of 17 recruits who replied to the text message on March 26. They are then given a letter and then told to share their letter with other "accomplices". If a cell phone owner is unable to be contacted, their letter is given to a participant who was already called.

"You ready for a job, clown? The boss wants me to start you off easy. I'm going to give you a secret letter."

The list of letters is as follows, as compiled by participants who have shared their letters on SHH!.

  • The Schlone: "W"
  • Xnbomb, Gupfee & Giskard: "E" as in "Elephant"
  • bassboy616 & Mr.Walken: "Y" as in "Yo-Yo"
  • punk: "R" as in "Ransom"
  • Pennyworth: "V" as in "Victim"
  • ianskyvox: "T" as in "Thief" (repeated), "O" as in "Operator" (original recipient of letter did not respond to calls)
  • BriGonJinn/GQJoker: "A" as in "Assault"
  • BigTonyVegas: "N" as in "Narcotics"
  • EddieNashton: "C" as in "Clown"
  • Screwpa!: "A" as in "Action"
  • vlkers54: "L" as in "Laugh"
  • fceeviper: "G" as in "Gun"
  • FlyingMonkey: "C" as in "Clown"
  • Gerik: "E" as in "Elephant"
  • Matt100: "L" as in "Laundry"
  • Fishtankbb: "N" as in "Network" (note: user was not able to report his letter until a day later, but the puzzle was solved by deducing the "N.")

A text message was also sent containing 6 extra letters:

You're paying attention bozos. Here's a few bookend letters to add to your 17 to make the destination clearer: wcwowm

This led to

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