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[edit] Joker's cellphone image pieces

  • Text messgaes were received beginning June 13th to owners of the Joker's cell phones
  • The image filenames are numbered

[edit] Ordered

Group 1 Image:SMSpic5.jpg Image:SMSpic7.jpg Image:SMSpic1.jpg Image:SMSpic2.jpg Image:SMSpic3.jpg Image:SMSpic4.jpg
DOMINOES flower and scorpion cyprus mexican train all fives mask matador

Five images depict a name of a Dominoes game variant (see Domino Games) and the mask is a domino mask.

Group 2 Image:SMSpic6.jpg Image:SMSpic8.jpg Image:SMSpic9.jpg Image:SMSpic10.jpg Image:SMSpic17.jpg Image:SMSpic18.jpg
COMMERCIAL immoral memorial crime recoil comical malice

Each word is an anagram using letters from "commercial"

Group 3 Image:SMSpic12.jpg Image:SMSpic13.jpg Image:SMSpic15.jpg Image:SMSpic16.jpg Image:SMSpic11.jpg Image:SMSpic14.jpg
6/16 3/8 (1) 9/24 (3) 12/32 (4) 15/40 (5) 18/48 (6) 21/56 (7)

Each fractions is a multiple of 3/8, multiplied 1x through 7x, only 2x is missing - 3/8*2 is 6/16

[edit] Solution

  • On 6/16 a Domino's Pizza promotion: 245 free pizzas given out across the country beginning from the East Coast.
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