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On June 16, 2008, was updated to advertise a free pizza giveaway across the United States. 245 pizzas were given away by ordering online from participating Domino's Pizza restaurants (a real-world sponsor of The Dark Knight), some packaged in Batman-themed boxes (see right).


[edit] Contents of the Box

contents reported by cerealkiller:

While some boxes contained merely the pizza, others also held a Batman mask and a letter from Citizens for Batman. The letter received by Nrickolai reads as follows:

The authorities are after us, so we had to be a little secretive about our hide-out. Here is a little something to point you in the right direction:


You need to share this information with other concerned Gotham citizens like yourself. I'm sure you can figure out how.

When you put the pieces together, join us - and help us fight back against the enemies of Gotham City.

Never Give up,

[edit] Codes
  • /threat
  • /history
  • /myotis
  • /midnight
  • /euderma
  • /underestimation
  • /plerotes
  • /fear
  • /nyctalus
  • Username: nycticeious
  • Password: merritt

The codes form a folder location on By using the username nycticeius (or nycticeious) and the password merritt, the secret forum CFB Underground was discovered.

[edit] Locations

245 total free pizzas - see map

[edit] Available as of ~1:00pm ET
  • VT: 1 total (all delivered)
  • NH: 4 total (all delivered)
  • MA: 7 total
  • RI: 2 total (all delivered)
  • CT: 2 total (all delivered)
  • NY: 17 total (all delivered)
  • NJ: 6 total
[edit] Available as of ~2:00pm ET
  • PA: 10 total (all delivered)
  • MD: 10 total (all delivered)
  • VA: 15 total
  • NC: 15 total
  • WV: 1 total
[edit] Available as of ~3:30pm ET
  • SC: 8 total
  • GA: 29 total
  • FL: 7 total (all delivered)
[edit] Available as of ~4:45pm ET
  • IN: 9 total
  • IL: 3 total
  • WI: 6 total
  • MO: 1 total (all delivered)
  • MN: 10 total (all delivered)
[edit] Available as of ~5:30pm ET
  • UT: 4 total (all delivered)
  • MT: 1 total (all delivered)
  • TX: 26 total
  • AL: 5 total
  • MS: 1 total
[edit] Available as of ~6:00pm ET
  • WA: 15 total
  • OR: 3 total
  • ID: 2 total
  • NV: 5 total
  • CA: 7 total (all delivered)
  • AZ: 12 total (all delivered)
  • OH: 1 total (all delivered)

[edit] Post-Game Offer

After the promotion ended, the map was updated with another promotion. By purchasing a pizza from one of the Domino's restaurants that participated in the free pizza giveaway, one could receive a free copy of the third issue of The Gotham Times.

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