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-Doing so leads to [[Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle/2l43kjsa892nn2.htm]]+Doing so dispenses a ticket which leads to [[Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle/2l43kjsa892nn2.htm]]
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Text messages sent by Humanresources@whysoserious.com led to Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle, which depicts a Jokerized fortune telling machine.

Clicking one of the 24 buttons causes a ticket to come out of the slot. Each ticket has a fortune and a joke about each fortune from the Joker. Some of the tickets have holes in them. Each ticket also has a number and a letter in the top left corner.


The phrases in italics indicate the Joker's comments. Bold indicates a ticket with a cutout.

Top left

  • B4 - You will get your heart's desire. Too bad you're an addict.
  • 8J - You will come to the attention of people in high places. Like crazed hilltop snipers.
  • 8G - You will live in interesting times. Interesting to historians. Like the Black Plague.
  • 1M - You will meet someone tall, dark and handsome who you will share your life with. They'll route your bank funds into an untraceable Carribbean account.
  • 3P - You will come into great wealth. After an industrial accident. You'll be blind. Deaf. Completely paralyzed. But rich.
  • 3I - Now would be a good time to leave your job. Twenty years flipping burgers is long enough.

Bottom left

  • 9L - Children will influence a major decision. Who knows. You might have married her anyway.
  • 1H - You will have a breakthrough in your career. Your boss will take credit.
  • 6M - You will have an opportunity for a good investment. House of Pies stock is shooting up.
  • 3D - Don't assume you know what is going on at work. But yes, there are photos. And yes, they will stand up in court.
  • 8N - You will make money, if not for you, then for an organization. Like the IRS.
  • 5K - You will unexpectedly need help today, and the response of friends will surprise you. They'll take video. Send it to your boss. Your wife. It'll go viral.

Top right

  • 4F - Money is heading your way. But you're a moving target. Too bad.
  • 3L - Expect a promotion. Expect it to be humiliating.
  • 8D - You will soon receive a gift If your lawyer calls and says don't answer the door, there's a reason.
  • 2K - You can expect an inheritance. One of those genetic things that predict a short and miserable life. It will also explain why your ears look like that.
  • 2F - Someone you currently doubt is telling the truth Saying you are the prophet of a new religion won't help. The voices were wrong. They weren't free samples.
  • 6C - Beware of false information regarding a loved one. But that thing about the affair? That's true. Sorry.

Bottom right

  • 4N - Beware of unexpected windfalls. Vegans are especially flatuent. (Note: the number 1586 is written above the word "vegan")
  • 9A - A new person will enter your life. Your cellmate. The voices will tell him you're a demon.
  • 5H - An acquantaince will approach you with a business offer. Anyone stupid enough to use a fortune-telling machine will think it's a great offer. You probably date a pagan.
  • 9H - A small kindness will lead to unexpected benefits. After several thousand dollars, things will mostly be okay. Just give up and throw out your mattress.
  • 6E - Cancel the trip you planned this week Take the trip-dysentery. Stay home-salmonella. Either way you lose weight.
  • 7A - Your star is climbing. You'll be a celebrity. The Darwin awards are a kind of fame.

Tickets with cutouts

In numerical order
In order of cutout (left to right)


The ticket bank has this orientation (note that bold numbers are punched cards):

1--2--3--4--5--6   13-14-15-16-17-18
7--8--9-10-11-12   19-20-21-22-23-24

Using the punched tickets overlayed over the Gotham city map so that each ticket covers two squares with the top left in its defined coordinate, the holes frame street numbers:

Following the order of punched cards from #1 through 24 as above:

  • 3 = 8G = 22nd
  • 5 = 3P = 1st
  • 9 = 6M = 5th
  • 14 = 3L = 3rd
  • 17 = 2F = 4th
  • 21 = 5H = 17th
  • 23 = 6E = 14th

Now click on the buttons in the position of the street numbers in the order shown above (doesn't matter if they've already been clicked or not):


Doing so dispenses a ticket which leads to Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle/2l43kjsa892nn2.htm

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