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After beating the puzzle on Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle, Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle/2l43kjsa892nn2.htm was found. The site depicts the exit of a circus tent. Clicking on the the exit brings up 10 tickets with images on them.

[edit] Solution

To win, you must click on the four tickets that show up upon beating the games at Whysoserious.com/Laughtilithurts, Whysoserious.com/Redballoons, Whysoserious.com/Punkdrop and Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle. The tickets are: school bus, alarm bell, duffel bag and vault door. Clicking on these four leads to Whysoserious.com/Overture.

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