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At 10:00AM PDT July 27, the countdown on the front of the website reached zero and the front page was updated with the first riddle (see below), including a text submission box.

Ready to play a joke?

Tell your stooges on the ground to look up. They'll tell you what to do next.


When people who had arrived at the given coordinates- the correct location at the right time looked up, they saw a phone number being written in the sky: (YouTube clip of the number being written)

800 395 9646

Upon calling this number, the caller overheard a hostage message read by a man in duress. A recording can be downloaded here

Hello? Hello? Can...can anyone hear me? Please...please help... (noise in background) OK! OK! I'll read it! I'll read it!

(reading) "How many clowns does it take to get a good laugh? 401."(stops reading)

I...I don't get it. These jokes aren't funny... (gunshot in background) Please! Please! I'll keep going! I'll keep going!

(reading) "If you want to be part of my crew, you're going to need to prove you're up to the challenge. Tell your lackeys at home the first punchline is INSIDE JOKE, and if they complain, tell them to button it: they'll get something out of this, too. Remember, this is not a race. Real crooks do it with style, not speed. One final joke: What's the last thing I'll ever...ever say?" (stops reading)

Wait! Wait! Please! Don't! Don't! (gunshot)

  • The passphrase to submit to continue to the next riddle is
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