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Checkpoint 6

Very sharp! I always find a knife is a great way
to get under someone's skin, don't you?
Now get your cohorts to this area:

Clicking on "knife" unlocks a picture of the Joker threatening Rachel Dawes with a knife.

The following riddle, accompanied by the second case file, appears below:

Somewhere along this street you'll find a father teaching his son to defend himself with a very effective weapon.

So what's in the boy's hands?

Oh, and be sure to smile for the hidden camera.

Case file text:

Gotham Police Department - Update - "Joker" Mayhem Escalating
Do Not Disseminate - Police Department Use Only


Reported Code Violations 7-27-07
415, 594, 602, 136.1, 528, 422


4th and Island, 2nd and J, Harbor Blvd, Convention Center, 6th and J, MLK Promenade, Children's Park


Police and public witnesses have confirmed an incredible number of sightings of a dangerous suspect some are calling "the joker." The suspect seems to be everywhere in the city, with sightings pouring in practically simultaneously over a huge role. Panic is beginning to play a role, as witnesses vary wildly in their estimates of the suspect's height, weight and even hair color, but all agree on the gruesome clown face as the key feature.

With this many sightings, it's clear something big is going down, and officers are advised to prepare for the worst. Public reaction is beginning to spiral out of control. Special tactical units are being scrambled to the epicenter of the sightings, and riot gear is being issued in the face of what appears to be mob action.

Observers on the scene report that "the joker" has been inciting and controlling mob activities. We still don't know if this is merely a smokescreen for criminal activity, or if the mob itself is a "loaded gun" that is being aimed at a target or targets as yet unknown.

This is an emergency situation. Inquiries have been made about Coast Guard and National Guard intervention. For the time being, all officers are required to report in to help with crowd control, guard against possible looting, and be available for emergency search-and-rescue duties should the situation go critical.

Repeat: all officers report for emergency duty.


Directing the person on the ground to right location allowed them to find a sculpture with a man and a son, and they were holding a .

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