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Participants who submitted media to began to receive a Gotham City voter registration card on March 12, 2008, for voting in the Gotham City elections in June on

If a card arrives damaged or never arrives at all, submitting another photo or video with a different username and email address will get a new one sent to you. If your card was damaged, you can submit a photo of the damaged card, with a description describing what happened, and they will send you a new card.

Gotham City Clerk

Myron V. Goranger
19 N. 6th Street,Rm. 201
Gotham City

City of Gotham

Virtue - Liberty - Independence
Incorporated 8th July 1628

Make your vote count!

Citizens of Gotham can make a difference!
Don't end up in the wrong polling place! Check your district!

Note: The barcode was analyzed and it reportedly says, "Gotham Election Board (Code 93)"

Dear Gotham Voter,

Last year, Gotham City voters approved a redistricting proposal that increased the number of districts in the city from 21 to 24. This voter registration letter includes information on the new district and informs voters of the district in which they currently reside.

This voter registration card replaces and supercedes all previously issued cards and lists your current name, address, township, district, and polling place.

Please review your card carefully to ensure all the information is accurate. Should there be any errors, please contact Gotham City Election Board. Please help us clean up the voter registration files.

Voting is the right and responsibility of all citizens. It is my privilege to help Gotham City voters exercise this most prized right.

Myron V. Goranger
Gotham City Clerk

Gotham Propositions on June Ballot

Proposition A: $750 million bond measure to build new schools and libraries throughout Gotham.

Proposition B: Orders Gotham City to begin mandatory sick pay and pregnancy leave for all government employees.

Proposition C: Requires landlords to provide $5,000 for all evicted tenants.

Proposition D: Requires Gotham Police Department to make arrest and conviction of vigilantes its "lowest priority."

Proposition E: $150 million bond measure to pay for solar panels, energy efficiency, and wind turbines for government buildings.

Proposition F: Offers non-violent offenders alternatives to prison.

Proposition G: Allows casino gambling on waterfront.

Proposition H: Stops city from dumping mentally unstable patients onto skid row.

Proposition F (sic): $500 million bond measure to rebuild infrastructure of the Narrows.

Proposition G (sic): Sets up a public-private commission to investigate every aspect of the Narrows Attack.

Proposition H (sic): Gives Gotham City police officers a 5% raise for each of the next three years.

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