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[edit] The URL

The URL is assumed to be a public media folder for James Levine, a reporter for who specializes in mob activity. Various multimedia files have been found at this address.

[edit] April 6, 2008

[edit] Notaro photos

It was noted that the photo of Francis Notaro on the news section in had a watermark denoting, "Please do not hotlink. Contact us for permission." When investigating the URL that the photo was stored in, more photos of Notaro were discovered by varying the file numbers after

[edit] Rachel Dawes video

In the update to, a video of Rachel Dawes was displayed on the site, but shown to be removed. From the "Get Code" button, it was found that the URL should have been but didn't exist there. By combining the file name with the jlevine portal, the video was eventually found.

The Zshare .mov file can be downloaded here.

Hello. My name is Rachel Dawes, I'm an Assistant District Attorney for Gotham City and I work with Harvey Dent. I know, first-hand, the integrity which Mr. Dent brings to his job. He commits all his energy to fighting crime and corruption. And the results are making this city a safer place.

Now, a group of individuals has recently attempted to smear Mr. Dent's reputation. But rather than discredit him, these lies have only validated his campaign to take back our city, which is making the criminals and the corrupt both desperate and afraid. And that is the greatest endorsement of all.

Harvey Dent believes in two things. Justice, and Gotham City. This is why I believe in Harvey Dent, and why I think you should too.

Thank you.

[edit] Notaro Interview

The update to also referred to a future James Levine interview with Francis Notaro, and the file was found by attempting different filenames in the portal. was the URL that worked.

The Zshare .mp3 file of the interview can be downloaded here.

Levine: 'Kay, you ahhh, d'ya mind if I record this thing, do you?

Notaro: Uh, you're recordin' it...what for?

Levine: Oh, it's usual practice, to make sure we quote you correctly.

Notaro: Uhh, I dunno. I don't like this.

Levine: It protects both of us. You want your story told right, and I want to get it right.

Notaro: Okay. Good with me.

Levine: All right. Well, um, we'll start with a couple of questions. Uh, how long you been on the force?

Notaro: 10 years. My dad swore me in. He was a captain at district.

Levine: Tony Notaro. [chuckles] I shoulda realized.

Notaro: That's him. You knew 'im?

Levine: He was old school!

Notaro: That's for sure.

Levine: He was my main guy on the Gantry Strangler.

Notaro: He ate, drank, and slept that case. Never found the guy.

Levine: Now, look, uh, I...I-I was sorry to hear it.

Notaro: It's okay. He,'s okay.

Levine: I...I-I uh, actually visited him, at Gotham General.

Notaro: Yeah. He was really - uh...Hey, are we here for a wake or an interview?

Levine: Yeah, okay. 'Scuse me. Uh - why don't you tell me what your experience with Harvey Dent was?

Notaro: [rehearsed] Harvey Dent offered me cash money to lie about a good cop.

Levine: Yup, that's what the ad says.

Notaro: Cash money! To lie.

Levine: What cop was he trying to prosecute?

Notaro: James Scaliano.

Levine: [shuffles papers] Scaliano, Scaliano...Aaaah, Scaliano, this is the guy who was found guilty of...phhh...shakin' down shopowners for protection money and uh, ah. Roughin' up guys for the shylocks.

Notaro: Lies. All lies. Scaliano was a good man.

Levine: So. What happened with Dent?

Notaro: Came over to me at the precinct. Sat down, told me he needed a guilty verdict on Scaliano. And I was gonna help him.

Levine: Uh huh. And what did you say?

Notaro: [chuckles] What do you think I said? I said, "Get outta here."

Levine: When was this?

Notaro: I don't know. May, June?

Levine: [incredulous] You don't know?

Notaro: It was around then.

Levine: What else did Dent say?

Notaro: He got angry. He said if I didn't come up with any dirt on Scaliano, he was gonna come after me!

Levine: But, you didn't come up with dirt?

Notaro: No.

Levine: And he didn't come after you?

Notaro: No.

Levine: [scoffs] Now...I'm looking at the Scaliano and...there were 14 witnesses were called to the stand. All of 'em fingered Scaliano - were they all lying?

Notaro: I don't know.

Levine: Come on - ten citizens, four cops. All of 'em were lying?

Notaro: I don't know, I didn't say nothin' because I didn't know nothin'.

Levine: Dent filed those charges in April.

Notaro: Yeah?

Levine: So...why would he be looking for more dirt in May or June?

Notaro: I don't know, the man loves dirt. He uh - he wallows in it.

Levine: What else did Dent say?

Notaro: Nothin'. He left. He was pissed. He said he was gonna get me.

Levine: Well, that's it, that's all he said?

Notaro: That's it.

Levine: But, you said he offered you cash for false testimony.

Notaro: No yeah, he offered me cash. Right before he left.

Levine: So...let me get this straight, what you're saying is that uh, that Harvey Dent - after filing the charges against the cop and getting fourteen witnesses to give testimony against that into your precinct station, sat next to you, threatened you to give false testimony, then offered you cash and-and all in the middle of-of a crowded police station?!

Notaro: You know what? Screw you. Screw you and all this bullshit interrogation! Turn the recorder off! [chair scrapping across floor] Turn it off.

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