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[edit] The site

Found through the second episode of Gotham Tonight, is the website for a Gotham City restaurant.

If you want a unique restaurant experience fit for a gourmand but located in your own backyard, then look no further than Pasquale's Bistro. It's a Franco-Italian fusion eatery that blends all of the most delicious gastronomic elements of the western Mediterranean region. Buon appetito and bon appetit!

You'll be lavished with the finest accoutrements Europe has to offer while basking in one of our many inviting, relaxing dining areas. Pasquale's is perfect for a romantic rendezvous, a high power luncheon or a first-class meal fit for any discerning palette. So stop in, have a seat and allow us the honor of treating you like royalty.

In our kitchen, we employ some of the finest chefs from around the globe, many of them fresh from the Sorbonne and the better culinary schools of Tuscany. And speaking of "fresh," we cull our ingredients from local markets every morning to guarantee your taste buds the very best experience every time you visit us.

[edit] Menu


Calamari du Vin - Savory squid cooked in a white wine reduction with shallots and parmiggiano reggiano

Escargot Marinara - Succulent snails sauteed in butter, garlic and our signature roasted tomato sauce

Prosciutto Brioche - Prosciutto de Parma baked into a buttery, flaky pastry crust

Les Pommes Frites du Salvatore -The classic French fry, reinterpreted and reinvented.


Risotto con Fromage - Tender rice simmering in a rich duo of raw milk cheeses, seasoned with fennel and sage

Pasta Pierre - House-made linguini with fresh rosemary, topped with gorgonzola crema

Duck Aglio - Duck Confit with sumptuous, slow-roasted garlic and Pasquale's own aioli tapenade

Lamb Normandy - A prime cut of lamb shank with a peppercorn crust flanked by caramelized apple slices


Tiramisu a la Paris - An Italian favorite with a French twist, this creamy confection features ladyfingers soaked in brandy and coated with fresh mascarpone

Cristo's Cannoli - You'll think you died and went to Nice when you try this crispy roll of heaven, flavored with ricotta and brie

Creme Bolognese - A custard-based dessert with thin meat shavings on top

Crepes Casino - Tantalizingly thin pancakes with your choice of fillings (check with your waitstaff for today's selections)

Notice that one of the menu items, Les Pommes Frites du Salvatore, seems to be named after Salvatore Maroni, implying that the restaurant has possible mob connections. The latest message from James Gordon to Glenn Barhyte's e-mail seemingly mentions the bistro as well:

Re: money laundering probe, a buddy of mine in Western confirmed that bistro story -- there's some bad guys going in and out of that place, usually the back. Let's talk next actions -- surveillance? Stake out? It's your call here.


[edit] About Us

Pasquale Caliolo is one of the most upstanding, respectable business owners in Gotham. Even though he recently expanded his operation to over 100 tables, he still treats all of his customers like members of the family.

"I felt like I was back in the old country," praised one happy customer.

So, call or e-mail us today - a great meal is just a reservation away.

1877 678 7277

[edit] Contact

Emailing the restaurant at the address results in the following reply:

Thank you so much for contacting us here at Pasquale's Bistro. Our computers have been down for quite some time, as we have been renovating the establishment to better suit your needs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you would like to make a reservation, please call us at (877) 678-7277.

Grazi, merci and thanks again!

Pasquale Caliolo

Calling the restaurant at the listed phone number plays this recording:

Italian music plays and a French woman gives this message:

Hello and thank you for calling Pasquale's Bistro. We are either on the other line or we are busy making the most delectable French/Italian meals that Gotham has ever seen. In any event, leave a message at the tone.

Then an American woman's voice says:

Please leave your message at the tone. If you are an administrator enter your 5-digit PIN.

[edit] Codes

From a clue given by the Joker, the code "Verdi" (83734) was found to be the 5-digit administrative PIN. The first voice mail message states:

Hey, Frenchie - me and, uh, Rosolio ain't gonna to make it to, uh, Sunday Night Crepefest. Something came up - in the Gotham River. I think his name was...Fred. Anyways, we'll be there Monday night for our 'box of pastries.' Baker's dozen this time, capiche?

A .wav file of the message can be downloaded from Zshare here.

The Joker notes that "They tried to reschedule their pick up service at Pasquale's, but things didn't go according to plan." A GPD MCU surveillance wiretap proves that both men were violently assaulted at the bistro that day, very possibly killed.

[edit] July 10, 2008

After the countdown ended on, was "Jokerized," along with nearly every other website in the game.

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