Mystery Deepens as Family Found Dead at Carnival

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From the second issue of The Gotham Times:

The wife and children of Jake Karnassian, the Manager of Buildings and Grounds for the Gotham Unified School District, were found dead at Gotham Carnivalland near Gotham Pier yesterday.

Karnassian's wife, Jill, 45, was found bound and gagged, hanging from one of the internal gears in the ferris wheel. Mechanics discovered the body when they were making routine fixes. The bodies of Jenna, 12, and James, 10, were discovered inside two bumper cars. Karnassian went missing more than a month ago, and at the time Gotham Police suggested he may have run off with a mistress.

The discovery of his family dead may alter the trajectory of the investigation.

[edit] Connections

Jake Karnassian's ID was discovered in a police evidence safe during one of the Joker's games,, and acted as a ticket to the IMAXprologue were participants were able to "meet" the Joker for the first time.

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