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The following is a transcript of the hostage situation that took place adjacent to the planned press conference for Harvey Dent on April 13.

[screaming and commotion]


GPD Captain Wilco: Get down! Get down! Behind the door!

[shuffling - Levine is probably doing what he's told]

[gunshots and more screaming]

Notaro: I'm serious! Imma kill this woman! Get away from the door!

Wilco: Move all units back. Don't provoke the guy.

Negotiator (Mandrake) on megaphone: All right, Frank, we're moving back.

Wilco: Alpha team, GET in position!

Levine: What's your plan, Wilco?

Wilco: We need to get more info. Other gunmen, clear the vicinity, clean views. Assess the situation. Beta team, I want that optic in there.

Notaro: That's better. Now get those other guys off of the roof!

Mandrake: We don't have aaanybody on the roof.

GPD officer: Keep that crowd back, Sergeant!

Wilco: I want teams A and B IN position, LOOKING for a clear shot.

Notaro: Nobody on the roof, huh? Don't blame me, Mandrake!

Reporter: [sirens in background] It's a scene of terror and pandemonium here as police officer Frank Notaro holds a petrified woman at gunpoint.

Notaro: I've taken your own goddamn class, Mandrake!

GPD officer: [helicopter in background] This is a restricted area! If you're not police, move back!

GPD sniper (Nacasha) on radio: Copy to Wilco. I have a clear shot, captain.

Notaro: I see you both with two teams on the rooftop, Mandrake! We both know that!

Wilco: You do not have permission to fire! I want surveillance set up right here.

GPD woman: Yes sir. [footsteps in background]

Notaro: So why do you want a Alpha AND Beta team outta the sky NOW!

Levine: What do we know about this guy?

Wilco: Cop named Notaro, 10-year vet. Doesn't look like he's going out with a pension.

Levine: [in disbelief] Notaro? Frank Notaro?

Notaro: Don't screw with me, Mandrake! I'm the psycho with the gun!

Wilco: That's good, Nolan. Gimme a wraparound view inside.

Levine: A-and he just snapped?

Mandrake: Okay, okay Frank, you're too smart for me. Let's get off the rooftop, guys.

Wilco: Alpha team, get down from the tops and make a show of it. Beta, move around the back.

Team Alpha/Beta: Roger that. Copy that.

Wilco: His partner, Cisneros. His car was just firebombed. Word is Notaro might have done it. He dropped out of contact.

Nacasha: I've lost the shot. Repeat, no clear shot.

Wilco: We know, Nacasha. I want a firing solution at all times.

Mandrake: Okay. We did what you asked for. We want the same thing, Frank. For this to end without anyone getting hurt.

Notaro: I want my family protected, Mandrake! I want witness relocation!

Nacasha: Coffee shop here. We got a sweet shot.

Wilco: That's good, coffee shop. Stay put. Hold your fire.

Mandrake: We can do that. We can do that, as long as nobody gets hurt here, Frank.

Wilco: Just sit tight, ladies.

Levine: Witness relocation. Is he testifying?

Wilco: I dunno. Internal Affairs has been everywhere lately. What's this? Nolan, push in on Notaro's upper back. He's got a vest, he's wearing a vest!

Notaro: I want - I want a guarantee! That my kids...and my wife...are gonna be safe!

Wilco: We're gonna have to go in for a head shot. Repeat, head shot only!

Mandrake: We will protect your family. Nobody is out to kill your family.

Notaro: Aah, screw you Mandrake! Y-y-you think I'm makin' this all UP? They killed Cisneros's family! And now they're after mine!

Levine: Is that his partner? Cisneros?

Wilco: Yeah.

Levine: I thought you said he did it.

Wilco: I dunno, his partner's car was firebombed and now he's taking hostages.

Notaro: They killed his kids! I saw it! I SAW IT! I was there!

Nacasha: Coffee shop here. We lost the shot, we lost the shot.

Wilco: Who's got a shot? We need options, ladies!

Mandrake: We can guarantee the safety of your family.

Notaro: Like you guaranteed Cisneros' family?!

Nacasha: I've got a shot....No, I lost it.

Wilco: I want everyone to repo and give me a clear shot.

Mandrake: As long as nobody gets hurt here, we can make a deal, Sergeant.

[gunshot blast]


Notaro: What the hell was that?! What was THAT??

Wilco: Who the hell did that?

Nacasha: That was me, boss. Nacasha. My finger slipped.

Notaro: You tryin' to kill me?! KILL ME!

Mandrake: It was a mistake! I didn't order anything! Stop all fire!


Notaro: That's it! That's it! You think I'm kidding about the girl? You think I'm kidding??!!

Woman: [cries] I won't say anything! Please! Please, I have a kid!

Wilco: If anybody lets loose with so much as a spitball without permission, I will personally shove your head INTO a meat hook! Do you understand?

Levine: What happens now?

Wilco: We are officially in the suck!

Levine: Whoa, whoa. Who's walkin' up, is that one o' your guys?

GPD officer: Who the hell is that?

Wilco: Nac! Why is there a civilian walking up to the door?

Levine: Wait, is that Dent? [in disbelief] That's Harvey Dent. That's Harvey Dent, man!

Wilco: Oh Jesus. Just what we need here is some damn political circus. Hold your fire! Safety your weapons! Stay clear of Dent! Dammit!

GPD on radio 1: Damn, this is screwed up.

GPD on radio 2: Let's just order an air strike.

GPD on radio 1: Yeah, shake and bake, baby.

Notaro: Get outta here, Dent! You were the cause of all this!

Levine: What's Dent saying?

Wilco: I dunno, I can't hear.

Levine: W-w-what's he doing?

Wilco: I dunno, it looks like he's...trying to trade himself for the girl. That or he's selling Notaro his jacket. Let's just hold off boys until we see what Dent's doing.

Notaro: You come into this building, and I'll shoot ya dead!

Levine: Is Notaro gonna shoot him?

Wilco: I dunno. [footsteps in background] Guess not.

Nacasha: They got inside. No clear shot.

Wilco: Copy that.

Levine: [in disbelief] Wow...you ever seen him like that before? Huh? Is that uh, is that standard hostage negotiation technique?

Wilco: Not exactly. Gotta admit that guy has guts.

Levine: Can you see anything?

Wilco: They're talking. About something. I can't figure it out.

Levine: Oh my God. Is that...

Wilco: Hold your fire - the girl's coming out!

[applause in background]

Woman: Oh my God! Oh my God! [loud footsteps approach - she's running outside]

GPD officer: It's okay, lady. We got ya. You're okay.

Wilco: Okay ladies, let's be ready for anything.

Levine: W-can you send anyone in?

Wilco: It's too dangerous. Not with Dent in there.

Reporter: To update everyone, Harvey Dent has entered the shop and is currently being held by the gunman.

[applause in background]

Levine: Dent's comin' out with Notaro.

Wilco: Alpha, swarm Notaro! Let's go, move! Move, move!

GPD officer on radio: Jameson, cover Dent and secure him.

Nacasha: Nacasha here. Suspect is secure, Dent is safe.

Levine: I gotta write this up.

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