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Gotham Victims Advocate Foundation helps victims of crimes within Gotham City.

Who speaks for the victims?

We do.

In every trial there's someone to speak for the accused. It is the law that if an accused person cannot afford a lawyer, then one will be provided for them, free of charge. That's as it should be.

But if you are robbed, and can't make your rent...

Who speaks for you?

If you've been mugged and beaten, and can't afford prescription antibiotics, who speaks for you?

We do.

We'll help you find an array of services and cut through the red tape. Contact us.


Get a Home Security Evaluation

Several companies will come to your house and do a security evaluation for free. These companies are in the security business. They will want to sell you an alarm system, but even if you can't afford an alarm system, they will be able to give you simple, useful advice on keeping your home or apartment safe. We've had good reports on Acme Security Systems, but there are many others.

Director's letter

Director's Letter

What does it say about this city that a masked vigilante has become a hero? It says that things are out of balance. It's a sign of a breakdown in the social contract. It's a warning that society - our society - is in dire condition.

I believe in laws, in a system of justice. I believe that it is better to have a system with police and judges, a system that is open to public scrutiny. Batman operates outside of the law. But our system is broken, and it's broken for the people who need its protection the most.

Recently, Harvey Dent of the District Attorney's office has stood out with his crusade against the rampant corruption within the police department. While I applaud his efforts, I remain skeptical. Throughout my years working in this office, the District Attorney's office and its various associates have failed to effectively aid and protect the victims of crime, specifically those from the lower economic class. More than often, criminals in this city receive deals that decrease the punishment they should receive for their misdeeds while the victims are left forever sifting through the wreckage.

Obviously, it is impossible for a city and its leaders to erase the misfortune imprinted into a victim's mind. But it is possible to help them through the ordeal, to minimize their agony, and to curb their fear. This is ideal justice- true justice.

In a perfect world, the people who need hope would get it from the systems society establishes to protect them and serve them. From the courts. From the police. Maybe the day will come when that is where Gotham turns again. But for now, I am grateful for anyone whose actions speak for the people who need it most.

Dana Worthington, founder of GVAF.


GVAF email inquiries@gvafoundation.org

GVAF phone 1866 237 6314

  • Emailing inquiries@gvafoundation.org replies with this message:

From inquiries@gvafoundation.org Subject: RE: PTSD Help From: inquiries@gvafoundation.org

We have received your email and we hope to send you a more personal response as soon as possible. GVAF is a volunteer organization and the consequences of the Fear Toxin attack in The Narrows have led to an overwhelming number of requests for assistance. We are attempting to respond as quickly as possible.

Gotham City Services has set up special programs for assistance with housing or for assistance with symptoms associated with the Fear Toxin attack.

Again, our apologies for our inability to respond at this time.

  • Calling 1-866-237-6314 gives this message, which ends with a beep:

Thank you for calling the Gotham Victims Advocate Foundation. If you are calling about the free psychological screening for PTSD for people living in the Narrows, we currently have a waiting list for that service. We are working with the city to expand the program. If you are having symptoms of exposure to the Fear toxin, such as hallucinations, depression and especially thoughts of harming yourself or others, please hang up and get medical help immediately. If you would like to talk to someone about our services, please leave a message. Response times are unfortunately rather long these days, as we are a volunteer organization, and we will do our best to address your concerns.

November 30, 2007

The mention of Acmesecuritysystems.com is deleted and this is added instead:

Protecting Victims

The Law requires that victims of crime be protected, but we've had five people call us in the last four weeks complaining that they have been approached by predatory security firms and lenders who clearly knew that their homes had been vandalized during the Fear Toxin riots in The Narrows. One of our clients contracted with the security system that approached her, which promised to provide her with 24 hour security for $12.99, and to install the system for free. It was the classic bait and switch. We reviewed the contract and found that after three months at the monthly security rate would go to more than fifty percent higher than the average security system charges in the city, and that added to that monthly charge would be a $15.99 a month fee to cover the installation costs of her system. The contract is for three years and there is no release clause.

It's apparent that these companies are getting the victim's information. One of our volunteers pretended to interview for a job with one of these companies. She reported that there were Gotham Police documents on the desk of the man who interviewed her. When she asked if the company was working with the police, the man interviewing her winked and said no, but that the Gotham Police's secure internal documents server was an open book. He said the GPD's document security was a joke.

GVAF has scheduled an appointment with Police Commissioner Loeb to discuss the issue of identity security for victims. We have also filed a lawsuit for the GVAF client with the security company.

This led participants to look up the site Gothampolice.com/secureinternaldocuments.

March 5, 2008

GVAFoundation.org President Dana Worthington announces her candidacy for Gotham District Attorney on the site:

I am announcing my candidacy for District Attorney of Gotham City.

If I don’t, who will represent you, the people of Gotham?

I have always believed that someone must hold government accountable. I have always believed that it was important that someone outside of government is there to demand good governance.

Government is failing the people of Gotham City.

In the months since the Narrows attacks, this city has shown itself unwilling or unable to solve the problems of corruption and poverty that are threatening each and every one of us. I can no longer stand on the outside. It is time to change this city from within. I am asking your support.

Dana Worthington, founder of GVAF.

July 10, 2008

After the countdown ended on Whysoserious.com/Overture, GVAFoundation.org was "Jokerized," along with nearly every other website in the game.