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I'm not so good with the whole coding thing on here, but i added the fixed disclaimer saying each "ticket" is for TWO PEOPLE. -- Sagegrey

Gah, I wanna see it right now! Those people who got the the tickets are super lucky. Anyone from here get to go? And if so, was it AWESOME?? User:Good evening 13:35, July 15 2008 (EST)

  • I'll get back to you in about 12 hours. :P Should I put a review of sorts up here, or...what? Sorry you aren't able to go - I would've pushed people into giving ANY hard-working Wiki editor a spot (and not just me! I'm still kind of embarrassed about it), but AutoDecept lives too far away from any of the theaters. :( I'm not sure what your situation is...sorry! :( --Sugarfiend06 11:04, 15 July (PDT)
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