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([[Gcferries.com]]) -- '''[http://www.gcferries.com direct link]''' ([[Gcferries.com]]) -- '''[http://www.gcferries.com direct link]'''
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The site

Gcferries.com is the website for the Gotham Ferry System, a division of Gotham's Department of Transportation , found from a rotating banner ad on Maidenavenuereport.com. Their motto is "Moving 8 Million People a Year."

The Gotham Ferry

The Gotham Ferry keeps its fair city on the move, with an annual total of 8 million people using the service. 28,000 passengers a day - not including weekend days - travel between the Sheal Terminal and Pettsburg Terminal. Service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Gotham Ferry boasts reliability, with over 97 percent in on-time recorded trips.

The ferry is the only non-vehicular mode of transportation between Gotham and the mainland. Gotham City Transit operates and maintains the five vessel fleet as well as the Sheal Maritime Building and all floating dock building equipment.

The ferry can carry 36 cars and up to 4,200 passengers. Each ferry has a snack bar and two tourist decks where passengers can sit outside.

The Gotham Ferry is proudly authorized by the Gotham Department of Transportation to transport commuters to and from Gotham. However, many savvy citizens and tourists have also discovered that the great view and convenience of the ferry can make for a romantic outing! One guide book calls it "A peaceful, relaxing, and fuss-free journey."

A Few Ferry Facts

The first Public Ferry was established by Joseph Beverly Dunn in 1811 and cost a penny.

In 1844, steam ferries were introduced. Gotham ferries were powered by steam until the 1980’s.

In 1974 the cost to ride the ferry was raised to 25 cents. Prior to that, the cost of the ferry had been 5 cents since 1889 when the Dunn Ferry Co. was acquired by the city of Gotham.


From Gotham:

Midnight to 6:00am and 10:00pm to midnight, every hour on the hour.

4:00pm to 7:00 pm every fifteen minutes on the quarter hour.

All other times, every thirty minutes on the half hour and hour.

From Pettsburgh:

Midnight to 6:00am and 10:00pm to midnight, every hour on the hour.

6:00am to 9:00 am every fifteen minutes on the quarter hour.

All other times, every thirty minutes on the half hour and hour.


The Ferry is $1.00 from Gotham to Pettsburg.

Pettsburg to Gotham is free.


Email: info@gcferries.com

Thank you for contacting the Gotham Ferry System, Gotham’s historic sea-link. The Gotham Ferry System is proud to serve the people of Gotham City and surrounding areas. If you’re receiving this email in response to a request for information, we’re either routing your message to the appropriate staff member or unable to respond at this moment. Please be patient.

Thank You,

Gotham Ferry System

System Status Hotline: 1866 296 9883

Thank you for calling Gotham Ferry System. Currently all ferries are operating normally.

April 9, 2008

According to Glenn Barhyte's emails, Francis Notaro and Glenn Barhyte were supposed to meet on the lower deck of Liberty Ferry at 8pm. Shortly after 8pm EST, calling the system status hotline resulted in a message that service was disrupted on Liberty Ferry. Even though it can be inferred that a severe incident happened at that time, possibly involving Barhyte and Notaro, Barhyte later confirmed that Notaro simply did not show up.

July 10, 2008

After the countdown ended on Whysoserious.com/Overture, Gcferries.com was "Jokerized," along with nearly every other website in the game.


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