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Casting sides

The casting sides that were discovered in March 2007 contain plot points that all appear in the film.


The following characters appear in the film.

  • Appears in the film as the head Batman copycat, and is

Plot-related references

  • Evolves from a support site for Batman into a full-fledged community of organized vigilantes who emulate Batman.
  • Similar to some takedowns that are references in CFB Underground, early in the film
  • The Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit plays a significant part in the film, and Gordon openly (albeit not publicly) lets Batman work with them on their investigations.
  • Joker is
  • Corruption in Gotham PD
  • Joker provides a clue as to his future target in his own reprint of The Gotham Times, which Gordon and Batman find at the scene of a crime. It even appears slightly Jokerized.
  • There is a plot point involving Wayne Enterprises technology where Various characters are also seen in the film using Nokia phones.
  • Ballerina Natascha Patrenko appears in the film as Bruce Wayne's date at a fancy restaurant, where he is introduced to Harvey Dent.
  • The Liberty Ferry is mentioned in the film.
  • Two ferries are involved in the movie's climax.
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