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[edit] July 7, 2008

Text messages sent by Humanresources@whysoserious.com led to Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle, which depicts a Jokerized fortune telling machine.

Clicking one of the 24 buttons causes a ticket to come out of the slot. Each ticket has a fortune and a joke about each fortune from the Joker. Seven of the tickets have rectangular cutouts in them. Each ticket also has a number and a letter in the top left corner.

[edit] Fortunes

The phrases in italics indicate the Joker's comments. Bold indicates a ticket with a cutout.

  Top left
  • B4 - You will get your heart's desire. Too bad you're an addict.
  • 8J - You will come to the attention of people in high places. Like crazed hilltop snipers.
  • 8G - You will live in interesting times. Interesting to historians. Like the Black Plague.
  • 1M - You will meet someone tall, dark and handsome who you will share your life with. They'll route your bank funds into an untraceable Carribbean account.
  • 3P - You will come into great wealth. After an industrial accident. You'll be blind. Deaf. Completely paralyzed. But rich.
  • 3I - Now would be a good time to leave your job. Twenty years flipping burgers is long enough.
  Bottom left
  • 9L - Children will influence a major decision. Who knows. You might have married her anyway.
  • 1H - You will have a breakthrough in your career. Your boss will take credit.
  • 6M - You will have an opportunity for a good investment. House of Pies stock is shooting up.
  • 3D - Don't assume you know what is going on at work. But yes, there are photos. And yes, they will stand up in court.
  • 8N - You will make money, if not for you, then for an organization. Like the IRS.
  • 5K - You will unexpectedly need help today, and the response of friends will surprise you. They'll take video. Send it to your boss. Your wife. It'll go viral.
  Top right
  • 4F - Money is heading your way. But you're a moving target. Too bad.
  • 3L - Expect a promotion. Expect it to be humiliating.
  • 8D - You will soon receive a gift If your lawyer calls and says don't answer the door, there's a reason.
  • 2K - You can expect an inheritance. One of those genetic things that predict a short and miserable life. It will also explain why your ears look like that.
  • 2F - Someone you currently doubt is telling the truth Saying you are the prophet of a new religion won't help. The voices were wrong. They weren't free samples.
  • 6C - Beware of false information regarding a loved one. But that thing about the affair? That's true. Sorry.
  Bottom right
  • 4N - Beware of unexpected windfalls. Vegans are especially flatuent. (Note: the number 1586 is written above the word "vegan")
  • 9A - A new person will enter your life. Your cellmate. The voices will tell him you're a demon.
  • 5H - An acquantaince will approach you with a business offer. Anyone stupid enough to use a fortune-telling machine will think it's a great offer. You probably date a pagan.
  • 9H - A small kindness will lead to unexpected benefits. After several thousand dollars, things will mostly be okay. Just give up and throw out your mattress.
  • 6E - Cancel the trip you planned this week Take the trip-dysentery. Stay home-salmonella. Either way you lose weight.
  • 7A - Your star is climbing. You'll be a celebrity. The Darwin awards are a kind of fame.

[edit] Solution

The ticket bank has this orientation (note that bold numbers are punched cards):

1--2--3--4--5--6   13-14-15-16-17-18
7--8--9-10-11-12   19-20-21-22-23-24

Noting the use of "Epyttnelis" ("SilentType" backwards) for the name of the fortune teller, the city map of Gotham (compiled by SHH user "SilentType") was used to find the next clue.

Using the punched tickets overlayed over the Gotham city map so that each ticket covers two squares with the top left in its defined coordinate, the holes frame street numbers:

Following the order of punched cards from #1 through 24 as above:

  • 3 = 8G = 22nd
  • 5 = 3P = 1st
  • 9 = 6M = 5th
  • 14 = 3L = 3rd
  • 17 = 2F = 4th
  • 21 = 5H = 17th
  • 23 = 6E = 14th

Click on the buttons in the position of the street numbers in the order shown above:


Doing so dispenses a ticket which leads to Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle/2l43kjsa892nn2.htm

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