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The account

When logging into Gothampolice.com/secureinternaldocuments as Glenn Barhyte starting April 9, the participant is able to access his webmail.

Inbox (54)
Attach From Subject Date Time Size
0The Slatt ManRE: Goodbye, cruel worldFriday4:29pm5.26kb
0Jim GordonRE: Can’t wait to startThursday8:12 am3.45kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: FWD: WelcomeTuesday12:04 pm4.59kb
0The Slatt ManRE: FWD: WelcomeTuesday9:04 am3.61kb
0Jim GordonWelcomeTuesday7:15 am2.61kb
0user unknownTake a bite out of high dental bills!Thursday4:18 pm6.91kb
0The Slatt ManPar-TAY!Monday2:38 pm5.26kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Honey?Wednesday6:02 pm2.13kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Honey?Wednesday5:25 pm.63kb
0Jarret HighviewRE: Departmental Reassignment Thursday3:28 pm8.94kb
0Zelda ShoenburghYour Missed AppointmentMonday11:04 am7.58kb
0 The Slatt ManRE: Goin' Crazy - Want To Come?Wednesday7:05 pm1.51kb
0AdministratorSystem MaintenanceTuesday9:29 am3.21kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: FWD: RE: Possible ConsultationThursday10:33 am3.81kb
0user unknownSee the SerengetiThursday7:49 am4.65kb
0Zelda ShoenburghRE: Possible ConsultationWednesday3:12 pm3.18kb
0AdministratorYour Email AccountMonday11:51 am3.79kb
0MomHow do I get on the computer?Sunday11:13am2.05kb
0Prince NakbooPlease help me!Thursday1:29 am6.29kb
0Greta Anne BarhyteThanks so much son!Wednesday11:12 am7.31kb
0Sylvio AnnavarianoTime to cough up, boysTuesday1:11 pm8.01kb
0AdministratorAutoresponse – SYSTEM...Monday4:14 pm6.76kb
0 Zelda ShoenburghRE: Possible ConsultationMonday10:17 am3.12kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...GrrMonday9:18 am2.46kb
0Jason A.D.My hero..Saturday3:19 pm 3.52kb
0unknownOff-Shore AccountsThursday 7:42 pm6.46kb
0The Slatt ManRE: Checking InThursday 2:13 pm9.64kb
0The Slatt ManChecking InThursday9:47 am 3.03kb
0department of...RE: Paperwork Wednesday3:14 pm 2.94kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...You went to the ER?Wednesday11:04 am4.61kb
0unknownRefinance your mortgageTueday10:00 am 6.13kb
0AdministratorSPAM FiltersTueday9:59 am 4.19kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar... RE: FWD: Game NightMonday5:25 pm1.95kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: FWD: Game Night Monday5:07 pm 2.48kb
0Mel FinnThought you might like to hear thisMonday2:15 pm 2.24kb
0 Mel FinnGame NightMonday10:06 am5.66kb
0 unknownOffice supplies for lessMonday6:17 pm 3.59kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Hey, honSunday10:08 am1.25kb
0 unknownCareer OpportunitiesSunday9:56 am5.98kb
0 Frank NotaroThanks for nothinSunday9:08 am2.33kb
0 Frank NotaroThe Deal's OffSunday9:05 am1.61kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...Checking inFriday12:44 pm6.21kb
0 The Slatt ManMeeting postponedThursday9:18 am4.55kb
0 unknownGotham singles wants YOU!Wednesday9:18 pm 4.51kb
0 Frank NotaroRE: Gotham FerryWednesday3:42 pm1.38kb
0Graham Jallar...New Webmail Security Meas...Tuesday9:51 pm4.81kb
0 Jason ArguellinoSoftball GameMonday5:17 pm3.55kb
0 Frank Notaro(NO SUBJECT)Sunday 2:03 am1.20kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...April Fools!Tuesday6:48 pm2.66kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...Sorry, honeyTueday6:45 pm3.01kb
0department... Report ProtocolMonday2:19 pm2.67kb
0unknownHungry?Sunday8:27 am2.76kb
0 People for Ga...Our Job Isn't Done YetSaturday4:40 am1.73kb

Sent Items (45)
Attach ToSubjectDateTimeSize
0The Slatt ManGoodbye, cruel worldFriday4:19pm2.16kb
0Jim GordonCan't wait to startWednesday4:12pm2.16kb
0The Slatt ManFWD: WelcomeTuesday8:57 am10.57kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...FWD: WelcomeTuesday8:56 am8.64kb
0Jim GordonRE: WelcomeTuesday4:12pm2.16kb
0The Slatt ManRE: Par-TAY!Sunday4:19 pm2.11kb
0The Slatt ManRE: Par-TAY!Monday4:19 pm2.09kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Honey?Wednesday6:07 pm1.51kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Honey? Wednesday5:41 pm7.05kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Honey?Wednesday4:50 pm.98kb
0Zelda Shoenburgh RE: Your Missed AppointmentMonday12:44 am6.50kb
0The Slatt ManRE: Goin' Crazy - Want To Come?Wednesday7:12 pm8.64kb
0The Slatt ManGoin' Crazy - Want To Come?Wednesday3:46 pm6.33kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...FWD: RE: Possible ConsultationThursday9:52 am9.82kb
0Zelda ShoenburghRE: Possible ConsultationWednesday2:52 pm4.55kb
0MomRE: How do I get on the computer?Monday8:13am 3.61kb
0AdministratorEmail Problems?Monday11:33am5.84kb
0Mom RE: Thanks so much son!Thursday3:29 pm5.84kb
0 Mel FinnRE: Game NightTuesday5:03 pm2.44kb
0Frank NotaroThanksMonday4:13 pm5.61kb
0Zelda ShoenburghRE: Possible ConsultationMonday11:12 am4.56kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: GrrrMonday9:47 am3.33kb
0Jason A.D.RE: My hero...Saturday4:51 pm2.94kb
0Zelda ShoenburghPossible ConsultationThursday4:17 pm5.39kb
0The Slatt ManRE: Checking InThursday4:16 pm 3.22kb
0The Slatt ManRE: Checking InThursday1:55 pm4.79kb
0department of...PaperworkWednesday2:08 pm3.12kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: You went to the ER?Wednesday11:51 am4.79kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...RE: FWD: Game NightMonday5:22 pm2.58kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...FWD: Game Night Monday 5:05 pm7.31kb
0 Mel FinnRE: Game NightMonday5:03 pm3.64kb
0Subscription Dept. Cancel my subscriptionMonday 11:04 am4.84kb
0 Dr. Tatagliari Hey, docSunday8:42 am5.76kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...Hey, honSunday8:33 am2.63kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Checking inFriday1:17 pm1.34kb
0 The Slatt ManRE: Meeting postponedFriday10:55 am2.81kb
0 Frank NotaroWhat Gives?Thursday8:03 am 4.65kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...Lova ya, babeWednesday7:12 pm3.88kb
0Frank Notaro Gotham FerryWednesday1:09 pm4.79kb
0 Frank NotaroRE: (NO SUBJECT)Tuesday5.52kb
0Jason ArguellinoRE: Softball GameMonday 8:38 pm 1.54kb
0Frank NotaroRE: (NO SUBJECT)Sunday 2:51 pm2.06kb
0 Cecilia "Sugar...RE: April Fools!Tuesday6:50 pm 2.79kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...RE: Sorry, honeyTuesday6:46 pm1.40kb
0Cecilia "Sugar...FWD: Report Protocol Monday3:07 pm 7.26kb

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Hidden Emails

The "msgid=(number)" sometimes skips a number. By putting in the missing numbers, the following emails were found:

Msg 14

You done good

To: Frank Notaro

Date: Monday, April 14th, 2008

Time: 7:58 am Size: 5.49kb

Even though I won't condone what went down at Rossi's Deli yesterday, I'm glad that the truth is finally out in the open. We can wrap up the loose ends and start moving forward on prosecuting the real rats in City Hall. And we won't be able to do it without you.

Msg 18

RE: You done good

From: Frank Notaro

Date: Monday, April 14th, 2008

Time: 11:14 am Size: 1.23kb

So, Dent's off the hook? Guess there's an upside to this whole mess, then.

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