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From the third issue of the Gotham Times:

Furthering its inroads into civilian and military uses for wireless technology, Wayne Enterprises announced an $80 million investment deal with cellphone giant Nokia today. Sources inside Wayne Enterprises report that CEO Lucius Fox is taking direct control of the company's mounting wireless research and development activity.

"This is a fantastic deal for both Wayne Enterprises and Nokia," said wireless tech expert Jay Capon-Multey. "For Wayne Enterprises, it provides access to Nokia's wealth of bleeding-edge research into multiple uses of high-frequency cell-phone signals. And Nokia wins by deepening its relationship with Wayne Enterprises which has extensive global reach on every continent."

For years, Nokia has been cultivating technology partners to increase its lead in GPS, laser, and optical location technologies.

Industry experts aren't clear where Wayne Enterprises ultimately intends to take its wireless-technology division. Several long-time Gotham business watchers told The Gotham Times that they cannot envision Wayne Enterprises getting into the cell-phone business either as a cell network or a handset manufacturer.

"This deal is not about Wayne Enterprises attempting to create, market, and distribute cell phones to consumers," said one industry analyst, who asked to remain anonymous to retain his relationship with Lucius Fox. "And Nokia wouldn't be sharing its technology with a future rival. Instead, what we're looking at is probably classic Lucius Fox. My bet is that the old master has spotted a market opportunity in cutting-edge wireless technology and is getting ready to exploit Wayne's advantages of reach and scope."

Another analyst agreed that Wayne Enterprises does not intend to enter the cell phone market. Harold Littile-Darning, an analyst at Gotham Business Daily, said that he believes Lucius Fox is attempting to develop wireless mobile technology which will be licensed to cell phone markers.

"Lucius Fox wants Wayne Enterprises to be inside other companies' cell phones. With technology with a clear market advantage, Wayne Enterprises could rack up record profits simply with license and patent fees," said Littile-Darning.

Lucius Fox's direct involvement in steering Wayne's wireless technology pursuits is raising eyebrows among many analysts. "For Fox to take such a position may mean that Wayne Enterprises is betting big on teh wireless and mobile market," said Thom Acorn, economic strategist at the Bank of Gotham. "Fox choose his battles carefully. He must see something in wireless R&D that the rest of us are missing."

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From first-hand reports from film screenings, there is a plot point where

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