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WhySoSerious SWFs

Hi, I was wondering if you had the SWFs from the halloween WhySoSerious page?

I missed that page when it existed and would've very much liked to see that pumpkin! If you do, that'd be just great. It's impossible to find now... Thanks :)

"Tickets are "non-transferable" and may not be copied, sold, bartered or otherwise given to anyone else. An Offical Government issued Photo I.D will be required for admittance. The ticket is an invitation only for you to see The Dark Knight as a guest of Warner Bros. Please do NOT bring any recording devices, cell phones, computers, PDAs or digital cameras to these screenings. Leave them in your cars prior to approaching the Imax Theaters, as "they" and you will not be allowed in the theater."

--Laughaminute 20:12, 10 July 2008 (MST)

  • yeah, I just caught that... --Thebruce
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