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At about 05:30pm MST, a couple of us in the Denver area started recieving calls about the new IBIHD page (at least, those of us that had submitted our phone numbers). it is a recorded message from Harvey himself, stating that if "we" are serious about wanting him to run for D.A., that we can find out more at the site.


location breakdown at IBIHD

after getting one of my pictures approved at the website, it tells you that based on your geographical location, it places you in a gotham voting district.

however, i find it amusing that the denver area is considered the narrows...

mp3 of phone call on IBIHD page...

i noticed with today's updates, that there is a link on the main page of IBIHD that lets you listen to the whole phone message.

musings over Comcast involvement...

Brian L. Roberts Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Comcast Corporation Keynote Remarks 2008 Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, NV January 8, 2008, 9:00am (PST)

found on page 25 of this PDF, it talks about how Comcast is the official cable network of Gotham City. if you ask me, i think they will do something similar to what they did for Spiderman 3, involving their on-demand service.

it will be another step for the Joker, i think, but my friend thinks it might be as much as a "televised" debate between the runners for DA. it is a lot of speculation, but if they are putting the Comcast name out here so much, i think it is a hint as to what is to come.

I have Comcast, and will be watching out for anything... ... but so far, it's just the trailer.

edit: on a side note, i will also check to see if they may try to slip in a Gotham channel or something, though it is unlikely...

more musing over... well, fish?

I'm noticing a lot of fish talk throught the recent events. The 2nd edition of The Gotham Times and The Hahaha Times both have an article about the recent success of the fish market and surrounding area. One of the hidden messages in The Hahaha Times also says "red herring".

Also, in the most recent text message from The Joker, he refers to Poisson d’Avril, which literally transles to "April Fish".

It may just be coincidence, or it may just be the fact that i have been awake for 36 hours.

  • Hey, not sure if I should be editing this page, but pretty sure you said people could contact you here. So anyways: has a bunch of pictures of The Dark Knight merchandise and says that it was released on May 10th. They're kinda lame, but I didn't know if any one here would want to know about it, so I just figured I'd get someone else's input. --Good evening 9 May, 2008 16:24 (EST)
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