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[edit] 2007

[edit] May 11, 2007, the film's official website, goes online. Its teaser page displays the Batman logo breaking apart behind blue light.

[edit] May 17, 2007

Clicking on this picture led to, the first known site in the ARG.

[edit] December 17, 2007

The page has been updated and no longer links to IBIHD. It now contains links to download the trailer in Quicktime and Windows Media, as well as the Joker one-sheet poster that led to

[edit] 2008

[edit] January 24, 2008

Upon actor Heath Ledger's death on January 22, a memorial site has replaced the video page containing the trailers.

The video page later returned as a link beneath the original picture. The Joker one-sheet on the page has been replaced with the same picture seen on the home page.

[edit] May 5, 2008

The official website is updated to include an animated Flash intro of Batman looking over Gotham (the image from the international poster). The camera then leaps out the window to view the dark, nighttime skyline from street-level. Joker cards float down from above to the sound of Joker laughing, then the webpage automatically starts playing the second theatrical trailer.

[edit] July 10, 2008

At 10 PM EDT, following the end of's countdown, the official website was Jokerized.

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