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  • Sorry folks, deleted the number that appeared on a cake since it won't help us - it's the number to the phone inside the cake, and those phones have prepaid minutes so the lucky participants have to save their minutes for the Joker. :D -- Sugarfiend06 10:56 11 December 2007
  • Also deleted since it got taken down from GoDaddy! -- Sugarfiend06 05:52 3 January 2008
  • Deleted since the WHOIS shows it was registered in 2005, which is 2 years earlier than all the other pages. :P Probably not genuine. -- Sugarfiend06 05:50 1 April 2008

I downloaded the toolbar from and have emailed many of the fan sites without encountering a single problem. It is simply an unofficial independent game which I have been playing. The warnings here are alarmist and quite unfounded.

  • If you read the disclaimer closely, it never says you shouldn't visit those sites. It says that you shouldn't visit those sites as part of the main ARG. --AutoDecept 12:26, 5 May 2008 (MST)

HOLY CRAP THE HUBS HAVE CHANGED! Yay! -- Sugarfiend06 14:00 24, June 2008

hehe, yes, yes, I finally got around to streamlining the sidebar a bit. That's the best I could figure for the trails, so if you have other suggestions or corrections, lemme know --Thebruce 17:51, 24 June 2008 (MST)

why so serious?

man... it's over... that really sucks! maybe they will start a new arg for the next batman movie... i hope so

Is this the beginning?

There is a one night 10th Anniversary Screening of Chris Nolan's Memento February 17th. Chris Dee, who writes an enormous amount of Catwoman "fan fiction" that seems too good to be as amateur she claims, posted a link to the trailer on her facebook page and one of her peeps then posted that they see a BAT SIGNAL on a door in the video. I can't find it, but I suck at these things. Could something be starting this soon?