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Is Comcast like a major sponsor or something? Just wondering... -- Good evening 12:27, 12 June, 2008 (EST)

  • You think? ;) Well, considering WB would get sued to bankruptcy if they dared use any other company's name without permission, but since these are big companies, revenue was definitely exchanged. -- Sugarfiend06 13:38, 12 June 2008 (PDT)
  • Well chya, I'm just surprised that they're like using company names in the game. Just found it kinda weird. Too bad people with Comcast don't get some benefit from this or something. -- Good evening 5:31, 12 June, 2008 (EST)
  • Why wouldn't they? A small company like 42E can't do video broadcasts as well as Comcast can, so yay sponsorship. Don't worry, it'll end up online somehow. ;) -- Sugarfiend 07:27, 13 June 2008 (PDT)
  • Well, you were right, haha. The Comcast-exclusive trailer is awesome, too. :) -- Good evening 11:06, 13 June, 2008 (EST)

I have Comcast On Demand and The Dark Knight menu still has not shown up. The day Gotham Tonight was suppose to air, I stayed up until 5am waiting. It's a week later and it still isn't there. I have called Comcast countless times. They have reset my cable box twice. No one there seems to even understand what I'm talking about. The only thing they say they can do is send a worker out to check my cable box. The last time Comcast "fixed" a minor issue with my cable box, they temporarily broke the whole thing and couldn't come out for three days to fix it. I'd like to avoid that this time. Is there any thing else I can do?

I check Channel 1 many times a day, hoping it's been updated. There have been many new movies added but no The Dark Knight menu. Please, I need help. Thanks in advance.

You probably have a problem with Comcast, but here are step by step instructions to acsess it. Go to On Demand. Next go to Movies and events. In the movies and events section, there should be a dark knight box. There are plenty of features you can get. But it sounds like your problem has to do with your cable box. Whether than spending money on getting it fixed, wait till monday and watch it on Gotham cable news. Its free.

hey, is anyone working on the episode 6 transcript? User:Good evening 21:23, 11 July 2008 (EST)

  • I'm still working on episode 5. If you want to do 6, that's fine by me. :P --Sugarfiend06 18:44, 11 July 2008 (PDT)
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