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October 31

After the Halloween event, the website went online, with a note reading:

It's show time, folks!

Patience is a virtue, but who wants to be virtuous? It's time to get this little show of mine on the road. Anyone can wear a mask on Halloween. it's what they skin off your face the rest of the year that really slays an audience.

Want to make me laugh? Here's a little challenge you can try, starting at daybreak tomorrow.

Round up a crew, your friends, family, and even your foes (as many clowns as you can find) and make yourselves look as pretty as me. Put on a show in front of the most famous landmark in your city, but don't get arrested -- you're no use to me behind bars.

Send me a picture and I'll see if you have what it takes.

Pictures are like ears: anything you lend me, I'm never giving back. You, I only want to rent. The pictures I'm gonna own.

Be clever, be daring, be creative or just be the butt of my joke.

Do this for me... and I'll do something to for you.

  • The site's name was taken from the title "Rory's First Kiss," which was the code name used for "The Dark Knight" during principle photography.
  • Note, around the paper are photos from the previous WSS game trail at Comic-Con, and each photo had been given a name. The names are as follows:
Left: 1) Rightsideup Lloyd 2) Bits-and-pieces Floyd 3) Crooked Floyd 4) Jaunty Earl
Right: 1) Fishknife Sylvester 2) Rightsideup Humphrey 3) Kerosene Butch 4) Deep Six Humphrey
  • Starting November 1st, people around the continent will gather at their city's 'most famous landmark', and photograph themselves, dressed as the joker.
    - feel free to collaborate your meeting points and times here: Landmarks

The task

November 1

The front page was updated with the word "SMILE" below the note, which is clickable, and leads to the photo upload page, wherein it's noted that photos can be uploaded through midnight November 17th along with personal information for the Joker's file (and addresses are US only).

November 2

The front page directed to a section that now catalogues submitted photos, in 3 categories for people count: "Clown Car 1-10", "3 Ring Circus 7-20", "Over the Big Top 20+". A few submissions have arrived from Canada and oversees - it's open to everyone.

The prize

November 13

Even before the contest was over, a package was reported to have been received by highly-rated participants (the following photos are from Lem and Andrew Asberry), from the address 2140 North Hollywood Way Hollywood, CA. Velvet bags arrived in a large envelope, each containing clown makeup kits, Joker cards, and a note from the Joker:

"Well done clowns.  Here's a small token for taking me so seriously!Photo by Lem
"Well done clowns. Here's a small token for taking me so seriously!
Photo by Lem
Full packagePhoto by Andrew Asberry
Full package
Photo by Andrew Asberry
Bags containing the goodiesPhoto by Lem
Bags containing the goodies
Photo by Lem
Paint kit closeupPhoto by Lem
Paint kit closeup
Photo by Lem
Joker card frontsPhoto by Lem
Joker card fronts
Photo by Lem
Joker card backsPhoto by Lem
Joker card backs
Photo by Lem

November 15

It is reported that MosesMonster, the user who submitted the highest rated +21 picture, received a box of 23 clown masks buried in shredded paper and a note from the Joker:

Well Done Clowns,

Finally a group of people who know how to follow directions...

This is exactly what I'm looking for -

Mayhem in public places.

Nice to see someone take me so seriously

November 18

At midnight November 18th, a new note appeared below the collection of submitted images, hinting at the next update being shortly after Thanksgiving (US), and to watch for mail.

What a crime scene!

The clock's struck 12 and I'm sending something special for each and every one of you clowns who made my list by the deadline.

The fun-filled times should roll in shortly after the bird's been carved!

Don't you just love the taste of envelope glue?

November 21

Reports of a final package start to trickle in, including a newspaper called The Gotham Times (scans), which also has a website, as well as references in one article to The went active November 23rd, and is also now active.


In July 2008, is updated with a checklist that includes a report on the Halloween trail and


Do Not Disseminate
Police Department Use ONLY

GPD REPORT OVERVIEW Suspects throughout the globe were given specific directions to track down and photograph letters in cities throughout the globe. These letters combined to create a ransom note, and further instructions led suspects to put on clown make-up and gather in public locations. These incidents of malicious mischief were recorded and submitted to a central Internet site. Weeks later, participants received an issue of the Gotham Times in the mail as criminal compensation, and a defaced version of the pages shocked the Gotham on-line community.

DETAILS: Enter details of offense/incident
October 17th, 2007 at 3pm
An ominous countdown appeared on-line at, featuring a jack-o-lantern with a bat-shaped mouth. The timer pointed to Halloween.

November 1st, 2007 at 12:00am
At the stroke of midnight, the candle on the virtual pumpkin burned out completely as the jack-o-lantern caved in on itself. The image on the screen then transformed, issuing a list of 49 locations in cities across the U.S.

Reports from officials in these locales detailed an army of henchmen, instructing new recruits through the paces of a warped scavenger hunt. Participants gathered photos on the ground and transmitted them to an unseen operative in a remote location.

November 1st, 2007 at 1am
The photos began appearing on the website, revealing themselves to be pics of oversized letters from signs, billboards, etc. Once all of the letters were assembled, they spelled out a virtual ransom note that read, "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules."

This message immediately burned away to reveal a picture of a suspect known possibly as "The Joker." An audio clip featured a strange voice filled with menace which said, "Tonight, you're going to break your one rule."

November 1st, 2007 at 1:30am
The unseen webmaster behind then urged his henchmen from across the nation to send in more photos, but these were compiled on yet another underground website:

Disturbing images of citizens from every walk of life began appearing on the site. They all posed in front of recognizable landmarks wearing garish "clownlike" face paint. This seemed to signal some unspoken allegiance to a larger criminal organization.

November 19th, 2007 at 12:00am
Again, at the stroke of midnight, all suspects who had submitted photos to were contacted with a message informing them that they would be receiving a mailing around Thanksgiving.

November 21st, 2007 between the hours of 8am and 5pm
Making good on his/her promise, the mastermind behind this entire operation distributed copies of our city's biggest news publication, The Gotham Times. No foul play was detected at the time.

November 23rd, 2007 at 2pm
Issuing a final insult to the good people of Gotham, a vandalized copy of The Gotham Times appeared on-line under the flippant title "The Ha Ha Ha Times." This calls into question every news item in the issue, mocking them with juvenile headlines and vulgar artwork.

Police officers, journalists and citizens alike were shaken by the gathering storm of vandalism that blanketed our city's internet landscape. To quell their fears, the [[|Major Crimes Unit inspected hundreds of local servers looking for foul play, though they found none.

Judging from the relative ease with which this assembl of thugs and creeps infiltrated the on-line community, the GPD has estimated their number to be in the tens (and maybe even hundreds) of thousands. Increased technical security and monitoring personnel has been requested. Waiting on budgetary approval.

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