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The site is the business website for Joseph Candoloro, the founder of

Joseph Candoloro and his associates provide legal representation in family law cases in Gotham. Our services are highly individualized to address our clients’ particular situations.

Family law litigation is complicated by ties of blood and emotion, but we have developed an arsenal of techniques to cut through complications with surgical precision, an approach that while it seems ruthless, we feel causes the least long term damage. Our approach includes a personalized attorney-client relationship, based upon each client’s individual circumstances. We strive to be the voice of reason during a highly emotional time, and we work hard to settle matters without litigation whenever possible.

When litigation is unavoidable, we are formidable advocates for the clients of our firm.

Contact information:
Joseph Candoloro & Associates
101 East 11th Avenue
Gotham City
1866 626 8049


Emailing the address results in the following message:

Your business is important to us. Mr. Candoloro sees the law as something that should work FOR people, not against them. We're excited about talking to you about how we can help you, so please call our offices during regular business hours.


By calling the number 1866 626 8049 and entering in the correct PIN (1149, which is the price of "Joe's Favorite") on the menu at, a voicemail message was played: (Zshare .mp3 file of the call can be downloaded here.)

Hello, Candoloro and Associates! Mr. Candoloro ain't available right now, but ya never know. So leave a message, and Mr. Candoloro will get back to you. If he ain't busy.

At the tone, leave a message. Administrator, enter your PIN now.

Hello, Counselor! It's Rossi! I just saw the papers. Congrats on our little project. Our friends are pleased. Oh, and uh, the Internal Affairs investigation, number 1A176495U - "U" as in, "you didn't see nothin'?" Well that was killed from upstairs. What'd I tell ya? You worry too much, old man. Tell me when you let go of that secretary of yours. 580-3840.

From this information, a new document was found at

By calling Rossi's personal phone number (1-866-580-3840) and using the correct PIN (9482, which are the numbers which correspond to his mother's name "Zita" on a phone keypad), another voicemail was played. (Zshare .mp3 file of the call can be downloaded here.)

Hey! It's me. I don't need to tell you who I am. Leave a message at the beep.

At the tone, leave a message, or enter your 4-digit code to listen to your messages.

Giuseppe, hey, it's me. The uh...what did we decide, uhh...the....uh...the yeah! The Iceman! I don't like talkin' in code, but prudency demands it. Giuseppe, I want you to know that I appreciate your hard work on this thing. You're a great Gotham citizen. You call me on my private line, anytime.

April 1

A new message can be heard on Rossi's voicemail. It can be inferred that the "some guy" is George Mazzala from and that the caller is possibly Sal Maroni. (Zshare .mp3 of the file can be downloaded here.)

Hey its me! Look, you never told me I was going to be the go-to guy for the press. I had to talk to some guy from The Times. I don't think it went too good. I'm not a talker, I don't like it.

A new message is also on Candoloro's voicemail, referring to the game on It also implies that "Giuseppe" is in fact Joseph Candoloro. (Zshare .mp3 of the file can be downloaded here.)

Giuseppe it's me, Iceman. What do you know about this bowling thing? Everyone's talkin' about it. I don't like it, I don't like it at all.

April 4

New message on Candoloro's voicemail:

Giuseppe its me uh... the uh... Iceman! Let's get those cops on the interview rounds their gold... Those poor, poor, misunderstood, persecuted cops! We need to put them in front of Engel, Levine, everyone with a God-damned megaphone.... oh uh I need a reservation at that place with the great veal.

April 6

New message on Candoloro's voicemail:

Giuseppe it's me, Ice Man. This is getting fun! That attack ad is viscous, it's perfect! Dent is drowning and we're throwing him an anvil. Oh, I love an unfair fight! Call me.

New message on Rossi's voicemail, from Francis Notaro:

Christ, Rossi where are you?! I'm one pissed-off cop right now! In the middle of this whole God-damned crap - you release another video, with my face all over it?! I got reporters, I probably got Internal Affairs snoopin' around. I can't take it! Me and my partner, we want out! We want out, ya hear me!

April 9

New message on Rossi's voicemail, from Francis Notaro:

Rossi it's me, Notaro. Call me back, I gotta talk to you. Call me NOW. 608-3515.
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