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'''I Believe in Harvey Dent''' is the webpage for Harvey Dent's bid for District Attorney, which he won in a landslide. '''I Believe in Harvey Dent''' is the webpage for Harvey Dent's bid for District Attorney, which he won in a landslide.
-===May 17, 2007===+===May 17===
Linked to by [[Thedarkknight.warnerbros.com]], [[Ibelieveinharveydent.com]] features a poster for [[Harvey Dent]]'s political campaign. The poster depicts Dent in front of an American flag with the caption: Linked to by [[Thedarkknight.warnerbros.com]], [[Ibelieveinharveydent.com]] features a poster for [[Harvey Dent]]'s political campaign. The poster depicts Dent in front of an American flag with the caption:
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This version of the site can still be found here: [http://ibelieveinharveydent.warnerbros.com]. This version of the site can still be found here: [http://ibelieveinharveydent.warnerbros.com].
-===May 19, 2007===+===May 19===
A parody of this website is found at [[Ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com]], the first webpage involved in the ARG. A parody of this website is found at [[Ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com]], the first webpage involved in the ARG.
-===February 29, 2008===+===February 29===
The site is updated with a field where participants can submit their email addresses and phone numbers. The site is updated with a field where participants can submit their email addresses and phone numbers.
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==The campaign effort== ==The campaign effort==
-===March 7, 2008===+===March 7===
The email submission page is changed to a campaign support page for Harvey Dent's DA election, including flyers to print, a nationwide map of his upcoming "Dentmobile" campaign, and a chance to submit photos of the public participant effort. (Deadline March 26, 2008 at 12PM presumably EST.) The email submission page is changed to a campaign support page for Harvey Dent's DA election, including flyers to print, a nationwide map of his upcoming "Dentmobile" campaign, and a chance to submit photos of the public participant effort. (Deadline March 26, 2008 at 12PM presumably EST.)

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The site

I Believe in Harvey Dent is the webpage for Harvey Dent's bid for District Attorney, which he won in a landslide.

May 17

Linked to by Thedarkknight.warnerbros.com, Ibelieveinharveydent.com features a poster for Harvey Dent's political campaign. The poster depicts Dent in front of an American flag with the caption:



Paid for by Friends of Harvey Dent


This version of the site can still be found here: [1].

May 19

A parody of this website is found at Ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com, the first webpage involved in the ARG.

February 29

The site is updated with a field where participants can submit their email addresses and phone numbers.




Sign up here to join the fight for Gotham

A confirmation email is sent from Gotham United Against Crime <takebackourcity@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

The campaign effort

March 7

The email submission page is changed to a campaign support page for Harvey Dent's DA election, including flyers to print, a nationwide map of his upcoming "Dentmobile" campaign, and a chance to submit photos of the public participant effort. (Deadline March 26, 2008 at 12PM presumably EST.)


It’s Harvey Dent’s challenge to Gotham. Show enough support for Dent's crusade for change and he’ll run for District Attorney. Gotham’s fate rests on us. It’s in our hands to take Gotham back.
Recruitment phone call

Participants who submitted a phone number with the earlier version of Ibelieveinharveydent.com also received a phone call from Harvey Dent. A high quality MP3 file of the call (received by people who did not pick up the first time) is now available here.

Hello. I'm Harvey Dent, Assistant District Attorney of Gotham City. I'm calling to ask for your support. We all know what's wrong with Gotham. Crime is out of control, and instead of protecting our streets, too many cops have become criminals themselves. This is why my mission has been to stamp out police corruption. And this is why I'm considering a run for District Attorney. But I can't do it alone. I need to know if you, the people of Gotham, want change. Do you want a Gotham free from the grip of criminals and the corrupt? Are you ready to join a crusade to take back our city? If this is a change you desire, if you're fed up with living in fear, go to Ibelieveinharveydent.com and see how you can join the struggle to take back our city. I'm ready to fight for Gotham, if you are ready to fight too.

What to do

Show your support for Harvey Dent!

Gotham City is collapsing from a runaway crime wave and Harvey Dent can save it. But he has to run for District Attorney first, and the only way he'll run is if he sees an outpouring of public support. So, let's all get out there and show Harvey Dent he's got support to take back Gotham! Let's get those videos and pics coming!

We can do anything -- the bigger and more creative, the better. Here are a few creative examples that you can take photos and videos of:

• Get your friends together and spell out Harvey Dent in human letters

• Get a video of your school’s cheerleading team yelling out chants for Harvey Dent

• Try to cover every square inch of someone’s cubicle area with Harvey Dent posters

• Write and perform a “Take Back Gotham” song

• Make up a “Dent Dance” routine

• See if you can get up a Harvey Dent sign in every single window of your dorm building

• Turn your own car into a “Dentmobile”

• Arrange a Dent parade down Main Street

• Make a human pyramid with other Harvey Dent supporters

Be creative. Harvey Dent wants to see that we want change -- and that we are ready to work for change. Harvey wants to see that people are ready to throw out the old, to break out of habits, to really do something new and different! Because that's what taking back Gotham will take.

We'll feature the best examples of great videos and pics on the site.

The future of Gotham City is in our hands now, people! Let's get out there and make some noise!


Once participants have submitted a photo or video, an email is sent from IBIHD Submissions <submissions@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

Email verification

Thank you for your submission!

You can be proud that you are part of a movement sweeping Gotham -- the movement to take back our city and convince Harvey Dent to run for District Attorney. Every submission we get brings us one step closer to meeting Harvey Dent's challenge to Gotham City!

The Friends of Harvey Dent Committee is reviewing your submission right now. We will alert you when the submission is placed on the campaign web site.

Once the item has been posted, another email is received by the participant from IBIHD Submissions <submissions@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

Photo/Video submission status

Dear <participant name>,

Congratulations! I Believe in Harvey Dent has approved your video/photo submission! You can view it now at <http://www.ibelieveinharveydent.com/youinaction.aspx ?----->

We have noted that your address puts you in the following voting district: <assigned voting district>

We hope that we can count on your vote on Election Day! Thanks for joining the movement to take back Gotham City!

If your submission is of a damaged card which you sent in to get a new card, the above email will be sent, and they will also acknowledge that the card was damaged:

PS: Thank you for informing us about your tampered-with voter

registration. We will forward this to the Gotham City Clerk for re-issue.

You in action

Your pictures and videos coming soon!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 26th at 12 noon

March 10

Submissions are available for viewing.

Here are videos and pictures of Gotham citizens taking part in grassroots support of Harvey Dent that crosses

multiple districts. You can make a difference! You too can join the fight!

A Gotham city map, complete with voting districts, has been posted. The significance of the voting district assignments has yet to be determined. So far, assignments appear to be random.

Popular photos are featured in three levels of support: Supporters (Bronze), Patrons (Silver), and Friends (Gold) of Harvey Dent.

Download campaign materials!

Don't hide your pride in Gotham! Don't be scared to show your support for Harvey Dent! We can change this city!

Everything you need to show Harvey that he has to run for DA is here. Download the signs, placards, flyers - and then print 'em up and get out there!

Once Harvey sees his signs everywhere - once he sees his supporters get out there and start spreading the word - he'll have to run for DA!

Smaller .jpg versions of the .pdf files can be downloaded here if .pdf files are inconvenient to print.

On the road

Get up close and personal with the campaign to convince Harvey Dent to run for DA!

We’re going across the country to rally support for Dent! So check the map and schedule below to see when the Dentmobile might come to your neighborhood! Meet up with other Dent supporters and and help us campaign in your streets. Join the movement that’s sweeping Gotham!

Submit your email address to receive periodic updates from I Believe In Harvey Dent.

March 11

Dates and locations have been updated. Public Google Calendars by region are as follows:

Colorado schedule

Great Plains region

Lake Huron/Lake Michigan region

Lake Superior/Lake Michigan region

Mid-Atlantic region

Mideastern region

New England region

Northwest region

Southeast region

Southwest region

Texas schedule

Participants are advised to check the official schedule for any last-minute changes.

Participants are able to pick up free swag (stickers, bumper stickers, window clings, posters, t-shirts, buttons) at the Dentmobile vans, which are white vans decorated with "I Believe in Harvey Dent" magnets and flyers.

Any participants wishing to meet the Dentmobile are advised to arrive early, since there are reports of police breaking up the campaign setups shortly after they begin. There also have been reports of vans arriving very late due to traffic or other logistic problems.

March 12

Participants who submitted photos or video to the campaign page are sent an official Gotham City voter registration card from Myron V Goranger, the Gotham City Clerk.

From information on the card, Gothamcityclerk.com was found.

An update email was also sent out from I Believe in Harvey Dent <takebackourcity@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

March 15

Numerous people who are affiliated with ARG-related forums, companies, and websites are receiving a FedEx package containing a folder with various Ibelieveinharveydent.com campaign materials and a letter:


Cross-Country Tour of Campaign Bus Continues as Thousands of Dent Supporters March, Rally For The One Man Who Can Save Gotham!

Runaway crime and police corruption in Gotham City has spawned a grassroots campaign to convince mob-busting prosecutor Harvey Dent to run for District Attorney. The movement to take Gotham back rolls into a location near you with the arrival of the "Dentmobile" stocked with t-shirts, buttons, flyers, and posters.

"I lost my beautiful daughter to mob violence, and I swore I would do something to prevent other families going thru that kind of hell," said John Tortericci, leader of the grassroots campaign. "Harvey Dent is the one man who can save Gotham, and we have to show him we are ready for change," said Tortericci.

Dent's courageous prosecutions of mob-linked cops within the city's police department has given hope back to a city devastated by rising crime and the aftermath of the Narrows Attack.

Dent's challenge to Gotham to show their hunger for change has been met with a city-wide explosion of activism, with thousands of supporters organizing rallies, meet-ups, petition drives, and posting signs and placards in every neighborhood. Photos and videos of the displays of support are on the online campaign site Ibelieveinharveydent.com.

"This is our last chance, said Laverne DeFaliano, a Gotham mother of four who has been following the Dentmobile in her Chevy station wagon the entire trip. "Unless we can convince Harvey Dent to run for District Attorney, the mobsters and thugs will take over this city and bleed it dry."

Dent is expected to make a decision on whether to run for Gotham District Attorney within weeks. The election will be held in June.

Go to http://www.ibelievinharveydent.com to show your support, see specific locations, & times!

Photo by Varin on Unfiction forums
Photo by Varin on Unfiction forums

March 19

A new email was received by Harvey Dent supporters, from I Believe in Harvey Dent <takebackourcity@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

March 26

On March 26, the final day of submissions for new pictures, all participants who submitted to the site are beginning to receive a plain manila envelope in the mail containing a new issue of The Gotham Times, as well as a varied collection of campaign material.

The return address is:

I Believe In Harvey Dent
PO BOX 2142
Gotham City, 91105

(Note: 91105 is the postal code for Pasadena, CA, where 42 Entertainment is located.

A new email is also sent from I Believe in Harvey Dent <takebackourcity@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

The website Ibelieveinharveydent.com was also extensively updated, with new download materials and videos of the Dentmobile campaign stops.


Harvey Dent announces run for Gotham District Attorney

The only man who can save Gotham jumps in! An amazing moment in Gotham history as Harvey Dent offers himself to the people. Harvey gave an amazing speech where he vowed to take Gotham back from the crime bosses, the corrupt cops, and the insider politicians. Harvey fired up the crowd with lines like, "With your help, I will fight with every available means against the alliance of corrupt cops and organized crime that has brought this great city to its knees."

Unprecedented grassroots campaign reveals wave of support for Harvey Dent

In the last weeks, Gotham City has seen an incredible array of public shows of support. From every neighborhood in the city, people have joined together to demand change – and to convince Harvey Dent to run for District Attorney. Check out some of the best examples here.

Harvey Dent headquarters open for business!

Hundreds of Dent supporters are filling Dent for DA headquarters, working to take Gotham back. If you want to volunteer, just head on over to HQ at 54 1st Street in Granton! You’ll be glad you came. There’s free donuts and coffee, and you can meet other Gothamites who want to change the future of this city!

Harvey Dent Mania is Sweeping Gotham!

Endorsements roll in for Harvey Dent!

Harvey Dent has been endorsed by philanthropist James Wilecotten III, Reverend Marvin Wintermyre of Gotham’s Baptist Union, and Cesar de la Salazar Gallo, head of the Gotham chapter of Latinos United Against Crime and Corruption.

3rd Grader offers entire piggy bank to Harvey Dent campaign!

Jason Lee Pincus, a third grader at Gotham’s Ravinia School in Grainley, contributed his entire fortune of eighteen dollars and fifty one cents to the Dent campaign. He had saved that money over three years, mostly by helping out with tough chores like shoveling snow and raking leaves. But he gave all the dough to Harvey Dent – because, as he said, "Harvey can protect my Mom and Dad and me from the bad guys." Jason Lee Pincus, you are an inspiration!

Why Harvey Dent?

Harvey Dent is the one man with the courage, the guts, and the steel to stand up to the violent mob gangs that are destroying Gotham.

Why Harvey Dent?

We all know about the crime that makes us scared to walk home at night, scared to take public transportation, scared sometimes even to leave our own house.

Harvey Dent can stop the crime wave. Because Harvey Dent is the one man who can target the real sources of the violence – organized crime and corrupt cops.

Harvey Dent Put Dirty Cops Behind Bars

When nobody else had the guts to do it, Harvey Dent took on the dirty cops – and secured 11 guilty verdicts.

And he’s not stopping there.

When everybody else was throwing up their hands about massive police corruption, Dent started a public tip line for citizen complaints about corrupt cops. The tip line has received thousands of calls – and let citizens fight back against corruption.

Harvey Dent vs. The Mob

Harvey Dent is taking aim at the Mob kings that are feeding off the misery of Gotham citizens.

Dent has sworn that if he is elected District Attorney, he’ll go after the worst mob kingpin first – Sal Maroni.

Harvey Dent Can Stop The Crime Wave

Take one look at these numbers:

   Crime has skyrocketed 97% in Gotham over the last 4 years. 
   Murders up 78%
   Armed robberies up 76%
   Rapes up 58%
   Violent attacks up 97%

Isn’t it time for a change? Isn’t it time to support Harvey Dent?


The campaign materials now include website banners, AIM icons and desktop wallpapers.

On the road

The Dentmobile map is updated with official campaign photos from all of the stops.

March 30

Supporters receive calls from Harvey Dent asking for support counteracting political attacks. A Zshare mp3 download of the call can be found here.And a higher quality mp3 with time stamp and phone number, here.

Hello. This is Harvey Dent. Weeks ago, I asked for your support. Now, I need your help. A group of malevolent individuals have launched a vicious smear campaign against me. Their claims are absolutely untrue, and while their lies show just how nervous my campaign makes the criminals and the corrupt, their attacks can destroy our chances of taking Gotham back. So I ask you, help me unmask these forces behind this. Help me prove these charges false. Time is running out. Please go to Ibelieveinharveydent.com and find out how you can fight back, stand up for what's right, and reclaim our city.

A new update is added to the home page:

3/30 Urgent Announcement

Harvey Dent rejects the slanderous charges made by a shadowy group of unknowns calling themselves "Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham."

Harvey Dent has always been truthful and upright in his prosecution of corrupt cops.

There is no truth to any of the charges put forth by the operatives behind this shameless group.

Don’t listen to the lies and innuendos of the people who want to keep Gotham the way it is!

If you want real change in Gotham, join our movement to take Gotham back!


• Meet Harvey Dent! Harvey Dent will be at a Townhall Meeting to answer all your questions about how to take Gotham back! 3pm, April 1, Gotham Community Center #12, Gainley

• Harvey Dent accepted the endorsement of the Gotham Firefighters Association March 27. Thank you Gotham firefighters!

• The 100th new volunteer at Harvey Dent Headquarters this week will receive a free dinner with Harvey Dent himself! So come on down!

From this information, Ccfabg.org was found.

March 31

Participants receive packages with Harvey Dent buttons with left side of Harvey Dent's face burned by what looks like acid, a reference to Two-Face.

April 1

A new update is added to the home page:


Harvey Dent gave a rousing speech to hundreds of pumped-up volunteers at this headquarters today, vowing to “fight back” against the lying smear campaign. Volunteers packed the building to hear Dent’s message of change. “This vile smear campaign is simply a vicious and untrue political hatchet job designed to protect the mob and their allies in City Hall,” Dent said to the cheers of his supporters. “The people of Gotham need change, they want change, they demand change – and we’re going to give them change!” Dent said.


Harvey Dent got an endorsement from the woman who knows him best -- Lynette Myra Dent. The sprightly 72-year old Lynette came down from upstate, where she runs a bed and breakfast. Lynette traveled with Harvey to Gainley, Granton, and The Narrows as Harvey vowed to fight the criminals and thugs who have taken over Gotham. Lynette even gave a speech herself. “Harvey has always wanted to put the criminals in prison. When the kids played Cops & Robbers, Harvey always wanted to be the prosecutor!” she said. Thanks Lynette! And come back soon!


Harvey Dent challenged the press to look into the real story of the vicious gang of liars calling themselves “Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham.” Dent made the challenge at an impromptu press conference on the steps of City Hall. "Instead of being transcribers that merely copy all the vicious smears being thrown around, you guys in the press should be investigating these people. I have nothing to hide – what about them?"

April 9

A new email is sent from I Believe in Harvey Dent <takebackourcity@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

A new update is added to the home page:


Harvey Dent realizes that the slanderous and untrue charges trumped up by a mysterious group never seen before in Gotham politics has distracted from the real issues facing Gotham - how to make our city safe again and fight the crime and corruption that is endangering our future. I Believe In Harvey Dent will hold a press conference on Sunday, April 13th at 3:00 pm (EDT) for an important announcement regarding the campaign. The audio of this event will be streamed live on this website.

CLARIFICATION The Gotham Machinists Union has not “withdrawn their endorsement” of Harvey Dent for DA. Their spokesmen clarified that the endorsement has merely been “suspended” for the time being. The Harvey Dent campaign looks forward to the continued support of the Gotham Machinists Union.

DONUT SUPPLIER NEEDED The Harvey Dent campaign lives and breathes off its volunteer crew. Hundreds of Gotham citizens have joined the campaign to change our city. But this week, our donut donor stopped donating donuts to us. And as anyone who has worked on a campaign knows, if the volunteers are the life’s blood of a campaign, then donuts are the life’s blood of the volunteers. If any of you know of a donut donor who would like to get involved in the campaign to take Gotham back, please have them contact the campaign. Thank you.

The video of Rachel Dawes endorsing Harvey Dent from Thegothamtimes.com/media/jlevine/public is added to the page with the caption "DAWES ENDORSES DENT!"

April 13

3 hours before the press conference, a reminder email is sent from I Believe in Harvey Dent <takebackourcity@ibelieveinharveydent.com>

A reminder update is also added to the front page of Ibelieveinharveydent.com:


I Believe in Harvey Dent will hold a press conference today at 3:00 pm (EDT) for an important announcement regarding his campaign. The audio of this event will be streamed live on this site courtesy of James Levine of the Gotham Times.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Harvey Dent for DA campaign is temporarily moving out of its campaign headquarters. As of today, the Headquarters will be situated in the guest house behind the house of Allan Cypes, the media manager for the campaign. We are still committed to electing Harvey Dent and taking back Gotham from the forces of darkness, crime, and corruption.

The home page also features a Flash widget that supposedly displays a user's connection to the streaming audio. It constantly changes to "weak," "fair" or "strong."


Press Conference

At 3 PM, instead of a press conference, the feed begins with police officers discussing a hostage situation: Francis Notaro has taken a woman hostage at Rossi's Deli and is demanding witness protection for him and his family. As the police attempt to negotiate with Notaro, Harvey Dent arrives and exchanges himself for the woman. Soon after, both men walk out and Notaro is arrested. (Later, it was revealed that Mary Breitup was found shot to death in the deli. Frank Notaro is unsure whether or not he did it, and so far there is no confirmed killer.)

A recording of the feed can be found here. The transcript can be found here.

An update is added to Ibelieveinharveydent.com


Today's press conference was unexpectedly cancelled due to a hostage crisis located at a nearby deli. In a selfless move, Mr. Dent entered the premises, exchanged himself for a woman who was being held at gunpoint, and negotiated the successful release of the remaining patrons in the restaurant. Watch this site for updates. We will release more details when they become available.

Click here to download the raw audio captured from the crisis.

April 15

A new update on the home page:





Friends, my entire campaign I've talked about how this campaign is a struggle for this city's soul. On the one hand, there are those people who prey on the innocent citizens of Gotham. On the other hand, there is our movement to take back Gotham from crime and corruption.

At Rossi's Deli, we saw that struggle play out. Play out inside the head of the hostage taker, Sgt. Frank Notaro. Some are calling him a "crazed smear cop" but he encapsulates the choice facing us. Do we continue to allow our worst nature to lead us? Or do we take a chance on hope?

That's the choice I laid out to Frank Notaro. And he responded. He released an innocent, terrified girl. He turned himself in. And he is now talking to the police about mob involvement in the smear campaign against me.

That's the real lesson of the incident. We must, all of us, have the courage to hope. If we have the power to change ourselves, if we have the power to change one person, then we have the power to change Gotham.

April 24

After the conclusion of Operation Slipknot, an email was sent out and the webpage updated:


The outrageous smear campaign against Harvey Dent collapsed completely today when all charges against Dent were dropped. Listen to the audio of Harvey Dent speaking just after he was cleared.


It was a day full of cheers, happiness, and excitement as the Dent for DA headquarters re-opened. Thousands of Gothamites filled the offices and spilled out into the streets. Harvey Dent gave a rousing speech and promised to "never forget the people who stand with us against the enemies of Gotham City."


Francis Notaro was one of the original "smear cops" and was the hostage-taker in what has become known as "The White Knight Incident." Here, he writes an open letter to Gotham.

To everyone in Gotham,

I'm writing this from my jail cell. It's terrible in here, and a lot of my family and friends are too scared or ashamed to visit me. I don't blame them.

But Harvey Dent did visit me. Me, the guy who spread horrible lies about him. And pointed a gun at him.

Maybe it wasn't my gun that did it, but I can't help but feel responsible for the death of an innocent woman.

Her name was Mary Breitup, and she was sitting in the wrong place at the wrong deli that terrible day.

I wake up in the middle of the night, wishing somebody had been able to warn Mary, to get her out of that place before all hell broke loose. But nobody did. I know it's wishful thinking. Who would have warned her? Who knew what was about to happen?

Now, I have to live every day with this terrible guilt. And the Breitup children have to grow up without their father or mother. I break a little every day thinking about it.

I'm not asking for forgiveness. But I regret every single thing that I have done in the last year.

And when I think I can't go on any more -- when I think I don't want to go on any more -- I think of the man who showed more courage than I could ever imagine having. Harvey Dent. Nobody can bring back Mary. But if Gotham elects Harvey Dent, maybe things will change. Maybe the mob won't own the city anymore. Maybe fewer cops will turn dirty. And maybe fewer innocents like Mary will die.

Frank Notaro

Transcript of Dent's Response to the Smears

[commotion of reporters: "Mr. Dent? Mr. Dent? Harvey Dent? Harvey Dent has nothing to say! - behind these smears!"]

Dent: Please, please. You know - yes I have been smeared. It was a vicious campaign of lies. But I am proud of and grateful for the Gotham citizens who have stood by me. When all you guys in the press fell for the most outrageous lies, it was the citizens of Gotham who tracked down those criminals and cleared my name so I'm grateful to them. Do you know why? Because the citizens of Gotham have had enough. They've had enough of the fear, and the crime, and the corruption.

You know, in this campaign, I've...walked the streets of Gotham. I've visited with grandmothers so scared to take public transportation, that they haven't seen their grandchildren in months - I've met with kids who've never had the pleasure of running out and playing on the street. I've met with newlyweds who are planning on moving out of this city because they see no future here. I see a city where hope has been replaced by fear. Our movement is a movement of hope. And once the people have hope, it's not so easy to give it up again, so we will keep on fighting! And we will keep on winning. We will take Gotham back. Thank you.

[commotion of reporters: "Mr. Dent, are you preying on the fears of Gotham City?" etc etc]

June 9

A new email is received from takebackourcity@ibelieveinharveydent.com

Many updates are also added to the site:


If you can't make it to the Gotham polls on Election Day you can still vote in the election! With the election just a week away, you should make sure you vote for Harvey Dent any way you can. And online voting is a new experiment in Gotham politics, so let's make sure Harvey Dent wins with a big online voting advantage. Go to http://gothamelectionboard.com for more info, and don't forget to vote by whatever means on Election Day!


Harvey Dent today announced that he would start a "continuous campaign" from now until election day. Dent plans on holding rallies in every neighborhood of the city, and will campaign from 7AM - 11PM every day. "I want to show the citizens of Gotham that if they have the passion for change, I have the passion to make that change happen," said Dent


A Dentmobile bringing Harvey Dent's message of change to Portland, Oregon was found today. The van, which went missing early in the Dentmobile "Dent Across America" campaign, was found in an abandoned factory. Tragically, the driver had been bound, gagged, and killed. We mourn for the family of the young, idealistic Dent volunteer Elliot Bryan Perersbrook.


Harvey Dent attacked a vicious email campaign of lies and smears today. Following reports that Gotham citizens were being chain-mailed a message claiming that Harvey Dent was arrested several times in the past ten years, Harvey Dent completely denied the charges. "These charges are false. I have never been arrested. This is another smear campaign designed to stop Gotham citizens from taking back their city, and it won't work."


Fire claimed two of Harvey Dent's five neighborhood campaign offices - one in Granton and another in East End. The GPD report that the fires were "suspicious" and several sources said they expected arson to be the cause. The fires are another example of a concerted campaign of fear and violence against the Dent campaign by "criminal elements desperate to continue their death grip on the city," Harvey Dent said. Thankfully, no volunteers in the offices were harmed.


These are questions that volunteers have submitted. Harvey Dent personally answered all these questions because he deeply appreciates the help of the thousands of volunteers working to take Gotham back.

  • Do you believe that you can really change Gotham?
  • I wouldn't be running if I didn't believe that change was possible. Tackling crime and corruption is not impossible, it just requires leadership and determination. This campaign has shown that Gotham citizens will fight for change, and I will make sure that Gotham City gets the safe streets we all deserve if I am elected DA.
  • What do you think about Batman?
  • Batman is a symptom of a deeper problem in this city. We don't feel safe, we don't feel that the cops are protecting us, and we are all susceptible to either despair, fear, or anger because of it. While I can't condone extralegal behavior, I understand why citizens have rallied behind Batman and see him as some type of hero. I believe, however, that the city would be better off when police make our city safe and not one caped man.
  • What should I say to people who fear you are too inexperienced to take the DA's job?
  • All the experience in the world hasn't made our city safe. In fact, staying in City Hall politics too long can have the reverse effect - it's easy to become enmeshed in special interests and cozy corruption. As an Assistant District Attorney, working closely with Internal Affairs, I've put more corrupt cops in prison than all these so-called "experienced" politicians.


Come election day, we need to make sure that every Harvey Dent supporter gets to the polls. Whether that means calling them and nudging them, knocking on their door, or even driving them to the polling stations, we need all the help we can get. This is the most important job in the entire campaign - our hopes to change Gotham City depends on our GOTV effort. So, if you have time on election day and want to really have an impact, contact our GOTV coordinator at the headquarters!


As part of their ongoing coverage of the most exciting Gotham election in years, Channel 4 will be interviewing our own Harvey Dent at 8pm tomorrow. A viewing party will be held at the headquarters - and it's potluck, so bring out the fruitcakes and onion dips!


With all the young families joining our campaign, the Dent headquarters is full of young tykes and tots running around and having all kinds of fun! In response to requests by volunteers, we're putting out the call for childcare professionals who may want to donate their time at the headquarters office to watch over some of these cute troublemakers! Please contact the volunteer coordinator at the headquarters if you'd like to help out!


In response to the heated argument developing over the so-called "Save Batman" proposition D, Harvey Dent put out a statement saying he takes no position on the question. "I will leave it up to the wisdom of the voter in deciding how they want scarce police resources used in this city. The larger problem is how to take back our city from criminals and corrupt officials, and that's why our movement is growing rapidly in all neighborhoods of the city."


Harvey Dent issued a call to supporters not to get complacent, as recent polling showed Dent beating opponents by double digits. "Poll numbers are not votes. We must continue to fight as the underdogs we are," Dent said at a noontime rally downtown. "The criminals and the corrupt don't read polls, and they don't listen to pundits. We have to battle them with every ounce of strength we have as if the polls don't matter, because they don't."


Gotham Police Department officials stood by as dozens of thugs and miscreants broke up our courageous march through dangerous neighborhoods. Five of our supporters ended up going to the hospital and three were arrested for creating a public nuisance. Harvey Dent called for an investigation of the GPD officers who "didn't do anything as political thugs beat up supporters of change."


The Harvey Dent campaign is proud to announce that the last week of April was the best week of fundraising we've ever had. Over 5,000 Gotham citizens donated to our campaign to Take Gotham Back, helping us get our message out with over $200,000 of critical funds. Thanks, Gotham!


Harvey Dent today called for prosecution of the "ringleaders" of the bogus smear campaign against him. In particular, he said that founder of the malicious group Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham, Joseph Candoloro, should be investigated for "political corruption" and ties to city officials. Dent urged the GPD to open up an international investigation on the whereabouts of Candoloro, who disappeared as the smear campaign collapsed.


The Dent Campaign is planning a night where citizens march through our most dangerous neighborhoods, holding candles to commemorate the victims of violent crime. We are putting out the call for people who'd like to march, distribute water and food, be safety monitors, and just want to see how they can help our movement for change. Please contact us to find out how you can join the wave of support to take Gotham back!

June 13

Following Harvey Dent's victory in the District Attorney election, a new message was added:


Harvey Dent wishes to thank all of the people of Gotham who helped turn a grassroots movement into a resounding success on Election Day.

Harvey Dent's landslide victory means great things for the city of Gotham. Because of your belief in Harvey Dent, Gotham now has a District Attorney who will make war on crime and corruption.

The real work, however, is just beginning. Harvey Dent now moves on to City Hall, where every corrupt force will try to tie his hands and weaken the people's will to destroy organized crime and snuff out corruption. The movement to take back Gotham still needs your help.

We hope you continue your support of Harvey Dent. More than ever, he's going to need every citizen on his side to ensure victory over the destructive forces that are wreaking havoc on our city.

A new email was also received by campaign supporters.

July 10

After the end of the countdown on Whysoserious.com/Overture, Ibelieveinharveydent.com was "Jokerized." The main page was vandalized, a Joker face was drawn on Harvey Dent's picture in the "Why Harvey Dent" section, and in the "You in Action" section, HA HA HAs, BLAH BLAH BLAHs and Joker faces were layed over the video submissions, while the picture submissions were covered in HA HA HAs.

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