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The site

GPDMCU is the website for the Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit.

Major Crimes Unit

The Gotham Major Crimes unit was organized to deal with Gotham’s most serious crimes. The Narrows Attacks and the recent mob violence revealed that Gotham needed someone with the authority across departments to coordinate swift and effective response to complex criminal activities. The Gotham Major Crimes Unit is a special arm of the Gotham Police Department that tackles criminal activities of a complex or sensitive nature. Investigations will be assigned to the GMCU if the Police Commissioner determines that:

• They are likely to be highly complicated and long reaching investigations (involving for example exceptionally large sums of money, or a complex network of criminal activity involving multiple criminals and types of crime.)

• They require an unusual scope of activity or response (for example, the recent Fear Toxin disaster.

The Gotham Major Crimes unit is organized for interdepartmental cooperation and rapid mobilization. It combines experts from several departments, including homicide, vice and crime scene investigation. Its head quarters include the latest in sophisticated crime investigation.


New Head of GPMCU

Lieutenant James Gordon has been tapped to head this unit. Long recognized as an exemplary officer, Gordon has an unblemished reputation for fairness and honesty. Police Commissioner Loeb says, "With the establishment of the new Gotham Major Crimes Unit, we join the ranks of the major cities of this country and the world in modern police strategies and tactics."



Sending an email results in:

Thank you for contacting Gotham Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit.

If this is regarding a major crime, we will route your email to the correct individual and follow up the lead.

If this is regarding a minor crime, please contact another unit.

Thank you.


April 18

An email is sent from Jim Gordon <> and received by participants were "caught" via Acmesecuritysystems/delos:

It's Time.

My friend,

Indictments are about to be handed down. If you don't want your name on one, we'll need your full cooperation in an upcoming operation.

In case you haven't heard, we are struggling with a bit of corruption in the department. I'm not about to let the Gotham PD collapse in on itself, so we're taking action. We've identified a group of offenders that need to be apprehended. Problem is, most of these cops are hightailing it out of the city. But a C.I. just like you just gave us some information on their last known whereabouts. Now all we need is to catch them. This is where you come in.

Consider yourself on deck. I'll contact you next week, and let’s just say it's in your best interest to play along. County's not a place you want to spend the rest of your life.

Lt. Jim Gordon, MCU

Note: C.I. is "confidential informant."

Operation Slipknot

April 23

An email is sent from James Gordon to "C.I's" caught via Acmesecuritysystems/delos:

OK friend, you’re up to bat now. You have yourself a new assignment: Operation Slipknot.

"Operation Slipknot" was a hunt for GPD officers who had been issued warrants. Mugshots were featured on the site, and clicking on them resulted in details about their identity.

The participant is meant to call the concierge at the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel (1 866 306 5589) and tell the concierge they are the officer in question (giving the reference number), and that their travel plans have changed so the package needs to be forwarded as soon as possible. The concierge will ask for a mailing address. The participant is then told that a package will be sent overnight to them, addressed to the participant "in care of." The participant's phone number is also requested in case there's an issue with the package.

The phone lines are constantly busy, so if you don't get through, keep trying. You have to get a live person on the line - leaving a message does not affect the game.

The page for the game will be updated periodically throughout the day, so participants are advised to go directly to the game for updates.


If you have received a package, enter any pertinent intel on your subject here: the confirmation # of their ticket, the last name of the alias they're traveling under, and the city they're flying to. If everything checks out, we'll forward it so that appropriate action can be taken.






Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit, in cooperation with the GPD Internal Affairs Division, needs you to help track down numerous offenders that are fugitives from justice. Interestingly, we’ve tracked all of these individuals to the same last known location: Gotham Intercontinental Hotel. But we don’t know where they’ve gone from there.

Call the hotel and convince the concierge to ship you a certain package that’s been sent there for each fugitive. Use the provided intel and whatever means you can to convince him that you’re the intended recipient, your travel plans have changed, and he needs to send the package to you. Once received, you should have all you need to fill in the blanks as to that fugitive’s location.

We will add details about additional fugitives as they become available. Time is of the essence, as we have only a short time before the trail runs cold. Your cooperation in this operation will go a long way. Good luck.


3/23/08 04:39

Joseph Candoloro

You should have received your duplicate care packages by now. If not, contact the concierge at the Intercontinental and have him forward you your original package (reference #'s, as always, the total number of letters in your name followed by your last name shifted forward one letter, like 15DBOEPMPSP). He's been instructed to send no-questions-asked if these ref #'s are used. Do NOT contact me.

Bon Voyage!

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