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 +==July 10, 2008==
 +After the countdown ended on [[]], [[]] is "Jokerized," along with nearly every other website in the ARG.

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The site is the website of the Gotham Police Internal Affairs Department. Their slogan is "respect, accountability, service."

The Internal Affairs Division conducts investigations in the following instances:

  • When an allegation or complaint of misconduct is made against an employee of the department;
  • Whenever a vehicular pursuit occurs;
  • Suicides or death that occur while in the custody of this agency or suicides involving department employees with special emphasis on events leading to the incident

If the citizens of Gotham are to have the trust and confidence in the police, the Gotham Police Department must to foster a good relationship with its citizenry. This means someone must take the responsibility of policing the police.

Police officers face situations calling for immediate assessment and swift action, and must be free to exercise their best judgment and to initiate action in a reasonable, lawful, and impartial manner without fear of reprisal. At the same time, they must observe the rights of all people. Citizens must feel free to question police conduct which they feel is improper.

The Internal Affairs Division of the Gotham Police Department is a spotlight, charged with illuminating the actions of officers in the investigation of accusations of wrongdoing. In this capacity it protects the public, and also the police. By investigating accusations the Internal Affairs Department can be counted on to reveal malfeasance but also protect police officers from malicious accusations that otherwise would taint reputations and eventually limit the effectiveness of police officers.

Glenn Barhyte

The featured "officer of the month" is Glenn Barhyte:

Glenn Barhyte in the spotlight.

Glenn joined the force fourteen years ago and has shown an exemplary work ethic. He was born in Gotham, but his father was an engineering professor, so from the time he was five until he was fourteen, he and his parents lived in Utrecht. His family returned to Gotham and he has spent the rest of his life here, leaving only to attend Northeastern where he received a degree in criminal justice.

Glenn has a wife, Cecilia, and a Golden Retriever named Burt.

Barhyte facts:

• Favorite Food: “A good burger!”

• Favorite Song: “Arguably the Stones’ biggest hit, from 1965.”

• Favorite thing to do on his day off: “Day off?”


Participants have reported sending emails to and receiving personalized responses back. He is adamant about not being able to talk about the mob's connection to any police officers, but he nevertheless gave information that could be used in

Audio Surveillance Feed

From information from, a page for an audio surveillance feed was found here The user must be logged in as barhyteglenn, using the password tevredenheid in order to access the page. The stream went live at 3PM EST on December 1.

December 1

(A Zshare mp3 file of the 2 minutes when the conversation starts up in the pie shop)

Man 1 is most likely Lt. Karl Breitup

Man 2 is most likely Detective Sergeant Jason McCree

Woman 1 is most likely Betty

[footsteps approach]

[Man 1] You order?

[Man 2] Just coffee for both of us. Nobody eats here.

[Man 1] Flass did.

[both chuckle]

[Man 2] Yeah, Flass would eat off a train floor.

[Man 1] I heard he's lost a lot of weight.

[Man 2] What'd you expect, the guy's a vegetable.

[Woman 1] Your coffee, you want anything with that?

[Man 1] Hey Betty, just the special.

[Woman 1] You don't want pie or nothin'?

[Man 2] Ah, no thanks. The missus made three pies for the Thanksgiving. I'm all pie'd out.

[Woman 1] So is it just coffee? What am I, some kind of barista or somethin'?

[Man 1] Hey, I promise, we'll tip good.

[Woman 1] Half of my tables just drinking coffee. Stupid Italians. Now, Mr. Falcone, he liked a piece of pie. Special's with the check.

[Man 2] She charged us for the coffee. Well you know we gotta pay here - there'll be a drop point... Look at this, will ya? Two bucks for coffee.

[Man 3] It's okay guys, coffee's on the department this time. (hushed and serious) Internal Affairs, hands on the table. I'll take your side arms and we'll all go downtown.

[Man ?] Internal Affairs?

[Man 3] Keep your voices down. Hands on the table.

[commotion in background. Gunshots fired]

[Man ?] Get down, get down!

[Man 4] Fire, we got fire. Backup, we need backup.

[Man 2?] Oh, God, Karl!

[Man 4] Officer down.

[gunshots] [bullets ricochet][shuddering and panting can be heard]

[Man 2?] ...couldn't stay up in the parking lot. You had to arrest us in the middle of a restaurant?! Who do - who do you think eats here?! Boy Scouts?! Just who the hell do you think eats here?! Jesus Christ! Karl!

[Man 4] 2361, I need backup. 1445 Maloney.

[Dispatch] Unit 2361, we have reports of shots fired. Units are on the way.

[Man 4] We got an officer down, repeat an officer down.

[Dispatch] Copy that.

[Man 4] Suspects are two white males, one f- [feedback]


December 4

Upon visiting the site of the first feed, participants could access an associated audio surveillance file in the archives, taken after the December 2 sting operation where Karl Breitup was shot and killed. Glenn Barhyte is interrogating Jason McCree regarding his corrupt behavior on the Gotham police force. (A Zshare mp3 file of Barhyte's interrogation of McCree)

[Barhyte] Let's see here...your record has a note that you were hit pretty hard with the fear toxin. Hmmm says you've got signs of anxiety disorder: nightmares, flashes of rage...

[McCree] Yeah, yeah. I can handle it.

[Barhyte] Well, we can talk about that with the DA.

[McCree] Don't pretend you're making me any deals. You don't care about me.

[Barhyte] Hey, I've got a dead cop. You think I don't care?

[McCree] You guys in Internal Affairs, you know what you are? You're the guys in grade school who got to be hall monitors. You'd rather side with the teacher and the principal than with your own.

[Barhyte] Hey, somebody's got to watch.

[McCree] And someone's got to pick up the garbage too. Oh...shouldn't have said that.

[Barhyte] It's okay.

[McCree] No. Cause garbageman is honest work. [pause] I...I got a kid. He's only a couple years younger than Gina Tortericci. I've got her picture cut out of the newspaper and clipped to the visor of my squad car. Can't sleep. Get home at night, I turn on the TV and drink until I can sleep. Except, even then I can't. We..we all come into this job wantin' to do good. We all become cops, wantin' to make things better.

[Barhyte] So what happens?

[McCree] It's the job. It's the damn job. If we all come in wantin' to do right, how else do you explain it? I miss my kid's basketball game, because I'm on duty. I miss Thanksgiving dinner because I'm on duty. My kid gets a chance to go to basketball camp but...but there ain't no way we can afford it. I'm missing Thanksgiving dinner to haul junkies to the ER, but when my wife tells me that my kid has been offered a trip to basketball camp over spring break, I gotta say no. The junkie doesn't think I'm a hero, and my wife and my kid hate that I'm never home. And then, a little cash falls in my lap. And I can come home and say, "Here, send him to camp." I didn't wanna go to the House of Pies. You know how I felt? Blood money for that girl Gina. But I'd already said, "Yes," too many times. So I did. Cause that's what Gotham is like these days. It's a dark time. And no matter what you do, somebody's getting hurt. Now Karl's dead. Everybody's gonna talk about what a crooked cop Karl was. No one's gonna talk about the kids he coached. Now...I'm gonna go to prison. And I'm pretty sure my kid's going to end up missing basketball camp. All right, you got your confession. Get me a pad and a pen so I can write it out and then send in Dent. He's waitin', right? All of us cops. We know he's watchin'.

[door opens and footsteps fade]

Other officers of the month

March 26, 2008

The home page of has been updated with new "Internal Affairs Officers of the Month."

March: Jason Arguellino-Diaz

Jason transferred to Internal Affairs from the Anti-Smuggling Marine Unit. He is to be commended for a life-saving incident which occurred while Jason was off-duty and shopping in a hardware store in the 1200 block of Farragut Avenue in Granton. A car careened off the street and crashed through the storefront window. The late-model compact car was pinned between the store wall and an inside cement pillar. Taking tools from aisle 12 of the hardware store, Arguellino-Diaz drilled into the car using a 120 volt electric drill, then picked up a 16-inch, 13-volt double-insulated cordless saw. He used the tool to cut thru the car metal and extract the victim. The officer staunched the bleeding and provided basic first aid which stabilized the patient. The EMT at the scene said that Arguellino-Diaz’ quick thinking and expert sawing saved the victim’s life.

February: Kevin R. Slatteronsky

Kevin R. Slatteronsky infiltrated the Special Investigative Division on Gangs (SIDG) in an undercover operation which resulted in the conviction of four police officers on corruption charges. Slatteronsky’s cover was that he was a new police officer fresh from the institute and was looking for mentors to “show him the ropes.” His impressive abilities at winning the confidence of other officers was critical to the investigation. He lives in Granton with his wife Melba.

January: Melvin R. Finnigity

Melvin was assigned to the Uniform Patrol Section (Night Shift) of the Field Operations Division before a transfer to Internal Affairs. He is to be commended for his formerly unrecognized talent at decrypting coded conversation, which resulted in a successful investigation of several corrupt police officers in the Western Division. He lives in Gotham where he enjoys building his own golf clubs and making his own pizza.

June 9, 2008

The home page of has been updated with new "Internal Affairs Officers of the Month."

June: Jojo

Jojo, Internal Affair's drug-sniffing German Shepard, found a kilo of drugs that went missing from the narcotic's department evidence locker last month. Jojo's primary handler, Officer Celia Beatersly-Rhodes, was on her way to take Jojo to the department vet for a routine checkup when she decided to stop at a nearby station to surprise an old partner. Trained to pick up the slightest trace of illegal substances, Jojo started barking immediately upon entering the ex-partner's work area. The ex-partner claims he was taking the evidence to the forensics lab for special testing, but the matter currently remains under investigation. And for the record, Jojo's checkup went fine.

May: Rosemarie Anna Dunslim

Rosemarie has been an Internal Affairs staple since the department's inception. Affectionately known as Rosie, she has handled numerous roles in the department. For five years, she managed the desk of division Chief Bennett Riley until she was asked last year by Commissioner Loeb himself to man the intake line for the "We Are the Answer" program. "My office is a mess without her, but Rosie is so talented and able that the commissioner felt she was needed elsewhere, and he was right," said Riley. Dealing with an intake line is one part skill, one part intuition, and one part psychology. Rosie used all her talents when she received a call from a mentally disturbed Gotham citizen. Using the man's nonsensical sputtering, Rosemarie figured out that an off duty police officer wearing a disheveled GPD jacket was threatening to arrest random citizens outside Alienz, a nightclub in trendy North Gainsbury. Internal Affairs is currently investigated this alleged abuse of police authority. As for the informant? Rosie tracked him down and made sure he had a permanent place to sleep and access to medical care.

April: Juan Gustavo DeSilviano

For ten years, Juan DeSilviano has brought his investigative excellence to Internal Affairs. After graduating with a degree in criminal justice from Yorke College, DeSilviano joined the GPD as a surveillance expert. As a child, he built and operated ham radios, which led to an interest in recording devices. Combine that with a passion for James Bond and you have a super-sleuth in the making. Last month, DeSilviano built a custom rig for dancer Kiki Laroo, who performs at a docklands nightclub frequented by members of the Gotham underground. The tiny device recorded an illegal transaction between a Maroni foot soldier and an officer from Sheal station. DeSilviano's expertise, good nature, and professionalism have made him a favorite among colleagues. Former partner Glenn Barhyte calls DeSilviano, "the best cop I've ever worked with. That man really knows his job."

IAD Statistics

May 7, 2008

The home page is updated with statistics of the IAD's work.

The Internal Affairs Division Investigation Statistics YTD

Vehicular Pursuits: 357

Deaths in Custody: 13

Allegations or complaints of misconduct involving the department: 15,491*

*Last year the Gotham City Police Department investigated 257 allegations and complaints against members of the department. 97% of this year's allegations and complaints were received through the "We Are the Answer" program.

July 10, 2008

After the countdown ended on, is "Jokerized," along with nearly every other website in the ARG.

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