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The site

The Gotham Unified School District website is the main page of Gotham's elementary and high schools.


Students collect for Gotham Food Pantry: The Gotham Food Pantry presented Cowther's Middle School with a plaque of appreciation. The students and teachers of Cowther's Middle School collected over 3,000 items for the food pantry in October, providing hundreds of Gotham families with a Thanksgiving meal.

Veteran's Day Special: A Guest speaker at Vornecki Senior High School was Vornecki alumni, Staff Sgt. Charles Abernathy, who gave a special presentation on D-Day and World War II.

FREE Tech Workshops: A selected school in each district will be offering free One-Night Workshops in

  • Scrapbooking: Organize Your Photos
  • Save Time & Energy This Holiday Season
  • Buying the RIGHT Computer and Peripherals
  • Creating Fabulous Cards and Newsletters

Contact your local district for times and locations of the classes.


Due to recent events in The Narrows, school bus service has been rerouted in District 22. Bus pick-up is available at pick-up points on Harbor Street at the bridge and at Eleventh Ave. and 30th. Van service is available for special needs.


11/30 Congratulations go out to the following 30-year GUSD veterans:

  • Jeanine Aundrue: Asst. Superintendent, K-12 Fiscal Services and Policy
  • Jake Karnassian: Mgr. Buildings and Grounds (on hiatus)
  • Robert Guyanin: Asst. Superintendent, Special Programs

11/24 Metal Detectors have been installed in all schools, K-12. This program marks a new level in safety standards in Gotham Public Schools.

About Gotham Schools

Quick Facts Department of Education Rating: Fair
Teacher to Student Ratio: 1 to 22.1
Average Teacher’s Experience: 13 years
Teachers with Master’s Degrees: 70%
Student Graduation Rate: 71%

Student academic achievement is our primary product.

  • We are student focused
  • We inspire and enable students in academic achievement
  • We affirm students for academic performance

The Math Plan The district's Math Vertical Team developed a comprehensive plan for addressing math instruction at Gotham schools. The Math Plan is a blueprint for helping students progress from a basic understanding of math to higher level skills, such as adapting and using information in real life situations, or for preparation for college.

Student Intervention Students may experience problems. They may have trouble learning, health concerns may interfere with learning, or a family crisis may prove too distracting or overwhelming. When possible, these issues will be resolved using simple strategies such as changing a seat, using a homework sheet, or with the Peer to Peer Tutoring Program. But if the student has difficulties not addressed by classroom strategies, it may be time to begin the intervention process. The first step will be to establish an Intervention Team for the student. The group may include teachers (both classroom and special area), school psychologist, and/or counselor, and, when necessary, a social worker, and/or nurse. Parents, along with the student, are at the center of this team, Other members could include administrators, and special consultants (for example, a speech therapist) and, where appropriate, the student himself/herself. They meet to define the concern and to decide on a course of action to help the student achieve success.

School Lunch Menu

Mission of the Food Service Program To provide the students and staff with a variety of appetizing and nutritious meals that provide 1/3 of the USDA’s Recommended Daily Allowances of important minerals and vitamins for a reasonable cost.

Daily Choices for High School Hot lunches
Assortment of hot and cold sandwiches
Fruit smoothies and healthy snacks
Pizza bar
Specialty entree bar
Assorted salads
Vegetable bar
Fresh fruit, salad, and sandwich topping bar

Elementary & Middle Schools K-5 Full Price = $2.00
6th- 8th Full Price = $2.25
Reduced Price = $0.40
Adult Lunch = $3.59

All lunches include: one entree plus fruit, vegetables, grain choice, and 1% lowfat milk or nonfat chocolate milk.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
< Hamburger or Cheeseburger on Bun

+ Cheese Quesadilla

~Popcorn Chicken +Bean & Cheese Burrito ~Chicken Patty Sandwich Garden

Salad/Yogurt ~Chicken Soup

~Baked Chicken

~ Turkey Deli Sandwich

~ Turkey Hot Dog on Bun

NEW + Cheesy Bread w/Tomato Soup

~ Chicken Corn Dog

< Bowtie Pasta w/Meat Sauce

< Hamburger or Cheeseburger on Bun

+ Cheese Quesadilla

~ Chicken Strips w/Dip

~ Turkey & Cheese Sub Harvest Squash & Goldfish

+ Mini Cheese Pizza

~ Chicken Hip Dipper

+ Mini Cheese Pizza

~ Chicken Hip Dipper

~Chicken Fajitas

Mexican Rice Fresh Fruit

+ Cheese Enchiladas

~ Brunch for Lunch Pancakes w/Turkey Sausages

+ Italian Hot Pocket

~ Chicken Nuggets

~ Turkey & Gravy Dinner

+ Oregon Blackberry Cobbler

Holiday Menu

~ "Duck" Nuggets

< "Bat" Bites Holiday cookies













School Safety


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment where students can learn and thrive.

The Gotham Unified School District has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy for drug and weapon possession. A student found in possession of drugs or weapons (including guns, knives, nunchuks, pepper spray or anything determined to be a weapon) will be immediately suspended from school. If the student is in possession of drugs, or has broken a law, say, by possession of a firearm, the police will be notified.

Within thirty days, a hearing will be conducted. The school administrator, a parent and the student must all attend. At that time, there will be a determination of the length of the student’s suspension.

All High School campuses will have metal detectors installed at entrances. Students will not be able to enter the building without going through a metal detector. Since not all doors will have metal detectors, this means that students will have to follow school policy on entering the building. It is possible that a door the student previously used will now be locked so as to only allow students to exit, not enter the building.

The Student Discipline Code is a 22 page booklet. This booklet is given to every student as part of the their enrollment packet on the first day of the school year, or, in the case of transfer students, when they register for classes. Additional copies can be obtained from the office of the school the child attends.

All students have a right to a learning environment that is free from the threat of harassment, violence or discrimination.


The following are connections to other aspects of the ARG:

  • On November 30, an update was added to the homepage, which mentions Jake Karnassian, whose ID was found in the Mausoleum evidence safe as manager of buildings and grounds for the school district. The update also notes that he is on hiatus.
  • The special notice on the left bar mentions the bus line being rerouted in District 22, and in the TDK IMAX prologue, the Joker is seen escaping the bank heist in a yellow school bus conspicuously marked "District 22."
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