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Gotham Cab Company appears to be a promotional page for the taxi service in Gotham.

Upon calling the taxi service number (1-877-530-2227), an automatic message advertises the ability of Gotham Cabs to take you to all parts of town, then the participant will be told that all lines are busy, and then prompted to either leave a message or enter an administrator PIN number. Punching in #6773 (Lt. Karl Breitup's badge number found on will reveal an audio message (listen at youtube):

Don't worry about all this stuff in the papers. Now I'm told Garcetti is handling it. Rossi called me this morning. He's got more work. Double the payment. Sounds good, right? If anyone comes to us with questions, we've just got to keep our mouths shut. Understand?

Karl Breitup is one of the founding members of the Gotham Cab Company, which was established on his 10th wedding anniversary (February 14th, 1995 or 2/14/1995)..

November 30, 2007

Calling the taxi service number now results in the discovery of a second audio message (listen to both messages on ZShare):

Hey Breitup, Listen up, you and your partner should come by Betty's House of Pies, come on our regular time on Saturday. The waitress will have the special just for you...know what I mean?

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