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*[[GT1transcript|Episode 1]] - On [[Harvey Dent]]'s victory, interview with [[Roger Garcetti]], [[Dana Worthington]], and Allan Cypes *[[GT1transcript|Episode 1]] - On [[Harvey Dent]]'s victory, interview with [[Roger Garcetti]], [[Dana Worthington]], and Allan Cypes
*[[GT2transcript|Episode 2]] - Profile on [[Batman|Bruce Wayne]] *[[GT2transcript|Episode 2]] - Profile on [[Batman|Bruce Wayne]]
-*[[GT3transcript|Episode 3]] - On crime and Batman, interview with James Levine+*[[GT3transcript|Episode 3]] - On crime and [[Batman]], interview with [[James Levine]]
*[[GT4transcript|Episode 4]] - Profile of Lt. [[James Gordon]] *[[GT4transcript|Episode 4]] - Profile of Lt. [[James Gordon]]
*[[GT5transcript|Episode 5]] - Interview with [[Salvatore Maroni]] and Commissioner [[Gillian Loeb]] *[[GT5transcript|Episode 5]] - Interview with [[Salvatore Maroni]] and Commissioner [[Gillian Loeb]]

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Gotham Tonight is a subsection of




General updates

June 9, 2008

Watch for an all-new episode of Gotham Tonight this Friday at Comcast On Demand!!

GCN's hard-hitting, high-profile news program takes on the biggest news in Gotham.

Featuring world-renowned journalist Mike Engel -- who helped bust the Gotham "squid killer" -- and the GCN news team.

Gotham Tonight. Gotham never stops, and neither do we.

The Flash image above the introduction is updated to read:

Premiering on Comcast Channel One

June 13, 2008

The first episode of Gotham Tonight is available for Comcast TV subscribers on Comcast On Demand. A Zshare .mp4 link can be found here.

News banner

The banner headlines on the bottom of the screen read:

  • Harvey Dent thanks “brave citizens of Gotham for their critical help during this campaign”
  • Chaos in Granton due to ballot shortages
  • Pay rise for Gotham cops trailing 59-41
  • Casino gambling measure leading 54-46
  • Exit Poll: Number one issue on voters mind is fighting violent crime
  • Acting DA Roger Garcetti wins only three voting districts
  • Mayor Garcia honors Gotham Girl Guides in city hall ceremony
  • Loeb: “Gotham surveillance cameras a major reason for drop in crime
  • Myron Goranger resigns as city clerk after public drunkenness arrest
  • GDP: Citizens for Batman “A subversive group”
  • “White Knight” musical planned by Dent supporter

Note: A Comcast-exclusive trailer is also available On Demand. A YouTube link can be found here.

June 16, 2008

The first episode of Gotham Tonight is added to

June 20, 2008

A new episode of Gotham Tonight is available on Comcast On Demand. The page contains a teaser of the new episode, which features Harvey Dent speaking about Bruce Wayne.

Gotham Tonight looks at the tragic, mysterious, and flamboyant life of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Born into enormous wealth, Bruce's life changed forever when he witnessed the shooting deaths of his parents in downtown Gotham.

GCN's premier news program looks at Bruce's life then, and now. Gotham Tonight gets exclusive comment from District Attorney Harvey Dent, who's rumored to be dating Bruce's old friend Rachel Dawes. And GT also examines the ascent of Bruce Wayne to CEO of Wayne Enterprises - what is the economic giant planning now?

Tune in now on Comcast Channel One. GCN will webcast the episode this Monday at noon on

June 23, 2008

The second episode of Gotham Tonight is added to

June 26, 2008

Episodes 3 and 4 are available on Comcast On Demand.

Teaser for Episode 3:

Celebrated journalist Mike Engel examines the horrific problem of crime in Gotham City. In one tragic incident, a young Gotham citizen with everything to live for falls prey to drugs spiked with Fear Toxin. Gotham Tonight presents an emotional interview with the grief-stricken parents.

Renowned crime journalist James Levine from The Gotham Times gives his unique perspective on the situation. Levine proposes that the warring mobs of Gotham have settled into a "larger syndicate" that is like a "mob on steroids." Engel and Levine go toe-to-toe on the question of Batman - is he a sign of anarchy or does he hold back criminal chaos? And Levine speculates on the fate of criminal mastermind Dr. Jonathan Crane. Is he still alive and a threat to Gotham?

Teaser for Episode 4:

After the Gotham Police Department's failed reaction to the Narrows Attack, it was Top Cop Jim Gordon who came to the rescue. Gotham Tonight profiles this man of courage and honor in a department notorious for corruption.

The number-one Gotham news program takes you inside Gordon's life, with interviews with the man himself and his wife. And we examine the puzzling question of the Batman signals emerging from the rooftop of Gordon's Major Crimes Unit. Is Jim Gordon acting in concert with the controversial crime-fighter? Find out on the next Gotham Tonight.

July 3, 2008

On the next episode of Gotham Tonight.

World-famous journalist Mike Engel goes to the heart of Harvey Dent's case against mob kingpin Sal Maroni - Maroni himself. The notorious figure, now standing trial in a Gotham courtroom, faces tough questions on allegations that he is at the top of an organized crime family devastating Gotham City.

Maroni uses his trademark charm and good humor to stymie Engel's questioning, but his honesty is attacked by GPD Commisioner Loeb. And Mike Engel quizzes Loeb on the two mob bagmen found dead last week - and the leaked GPD surveillance tape that recorded the abduction.

July 5, 2008

Episode 5 is available On Demand.

July 10, 2008

Following a call from 000-000-0000 regarding a robbery at the Gotham National Bank, the sixth episode of Gotham Tonight is added to

Celebrated journalist Mike Engel sits down with the "White Knight" of Gotham City - District Attorney Harvey Dent. Dent defends controversial crime-fighter Batman, and says they've "benefited the entire city."

Dent takes calls from viewers on Jonathan Crane and fears of a new outbreak of Fear Toxin, and confronts a GPD police officer angry over Dent's prosecution of corrupt cops. And Engel asks the questions everybody's been talking about - is Harvey Dent dating Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes? The episode ends with the breaking news that the Gotham National Bank has been hit by robbers who made away with 68 million dollars from the vault.

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