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Glenn Barhyte is a Gotham police detective who formerly worked for the Internal Affairs Division. While there, his main concern was the outing and arresting of corrupt police officers. Other officers considered him a "hall monitor" who did not keep allegiance to "his own." He was involved in the sting operation which led to the shooting death of Karl Breitup. Although not directly involved, he was in the process of investigating Officer Francis Notaro when Notaro snapped and took hostages at Rossi's Deli.

Recently, he asked to be moved to the MCU to work with James Gordon. After an awkward introduction to Atoz at MCU's HR department, he found himself supporting Atoz in times of need, currently housing Atoz after a quarrel with his wife. (It is believed that "Atoz" is actually GPD officer and Citizens for Batman founder Brian Douglass.)

Barhyte kept in close contact with former colleague Kevin Slatteronsky ("The Slatt Man") in the IA department. He was married to Cecilia, and they were expecting a child together. But this happiness came to a tragic end when Barhyte was shot during a fight between drug dealers and the Citizens for Batman and died of his wounds shortly thereafter.

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