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Casting sides

The casting sides that were discovered in March 2007 contain plot points that all appear in the film.


The following characters appear in the film.

  • Appears in the film as Assistant District Attorney, aiding Harvey Dent in his quest to bring down Sal Maroni. It is also known publicly that she is dating Dent. Her fate leads to a pivotal turn in the film between Harvey Dent, Jim Gordon, and Batman.
  • Appears in the film as Commissioner,
  • Is mayor of Gotham in the film, and
  • Seen running Wayne Enterprises as CEO.
  • First seen in the film on trial by Harvey Dent, accused of being the head of the Falcone crime family. He struggles to regain his power in Gotham's underworld, and although wary of the Joker's services, he openly offers his resources - namely, moles in the law and police departments. Harvey Dent faces him
  • A hot-headed gang leader, he distrusts the Joker immensely.
  • The mob leader who trusts Joker the most, but his allegiance turns when
  • Shown as host of multiple episodes of Gotham Tonight several times in the film, and someone who is very distrustful of Batman. Mike Engel is later
  • Appears in the film as the head Batman copycat, and is
  • Judge Nancy Surrillo

Plot-related references

  • The slogan "I believe in Harvey Dent" is said by Bruce Wayne when showing his support for Dent, and is later given a deeper meaning at the end of the film, when
  • Evolves from a support site for Batman into a full-fledged community of organized vigilantes who emulate Batman.
  • Similar to some takedowns that are references in CFB Underground, early in the film
  • The Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit plays a significant part in the film, and Gordon openly (albeit not publicly) lets Batman work with them on their investigations.
  • Joker is
  • As Harvey Dent predicted, corruption in Gotham PD
  • Harvey mentions his work in prosecuting corrupt cops in "Internal Affairs." It is this work that earns him a nickname in the MCU -
  • The Liberty Ferry is mentioned in the film as being
  • Two ferries are involved in the movie's climax.
  • mentions the bus line being rerouted in District 22, and in the TDK IMAX prologue, the Joker is seen escaping the bank heist in a yellow school bus conspicuously marked "District 22."
  • As mentioned in the June 20 update, there is a field trip on July 11. This might explain how the Joker is able to escape the robbery within a line of yellow school buses, since the July 11 episode of Gotham Tonight reveals the bank heist has just occurred.
  • The meeting between gang factions that takes place early in the film may occur in a back room of Pasquale's Bistro.
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