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Upon Batman's emergence as a beacon of hope for Gotham citizens, Gotham authorities are equally adamant about his arrest due to his unlawful vigilante activities. Citizens for Batman is a group of people who regularly get together in support of Batman.


It’s like a bad dream. Gotham citizens are under attack. We’ve been attacked, robbed, knifed, assaulted, even murdered.


For the first time, we have hope. Batman proves we can fight back against the sociopaths, thugs, and scum that have ruled Gotham for too long.

And now, City Hall wants to arrest Batman!


Batman has given us hope back. He’s given us back a sense of power over our own lives. He’s saved lives.

Now, Batman needs our help!

Don’t let Batman be arrested. Don’t let the politicians and the corrupt cops win. Don’t give in to crime and corruption.

Meeting times

Thursdays, 8pm

Gotham City Community Center #5

1310 Adams Street, Downtown (moved from Rossi’s Deli)

Sundays, 1PM

St. Swithun's Church



Sending a message to the email address results in an autoreply response:

Dear Gotham Citizen,

Thanks for expressing your interest in joining Citizens for Batman. The easiest way you can join is by attending a meeting. Check the web site for meeting times. If you can't attend, you can always lobby City Hall to support Batman and stop any talk of his being arrested.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Brian Douglass

Founder and President, Citizens for Batman

April 1, 2008

A new update is added to the News section:

BATMAN does it again! He saves another innocent Gothamite from the clutches of evil! Citizens for Batman has invited his latest rescue, Ulyana Kasparkova, to the next meeting to share with us her incredible story! Don’t miss it!

Here’s what we know – Ulyana was walking down Fleeting Avenue last Thursday. Suddently, ski-masked thugs came out of nowhere and pulled out a pistol!

Then, Batman swooped in, with a classic lasso and hoist (a move he has employed at the docks, and using trees, at Harlow Park) . Batman roped the gunman and left him dangling from a light pole for police to pick up later!

Kasparkova has accepted our invite and will tell all! She also works as a dental technician and is expected to offer Citizens for Batman discounts on teeth cleaning! Way to go, Ulyana!!!!!

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