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The site

Upon Batman's emergence as a beacon of hope for Gotham citizens, Gotham authorities are equally adamant about his arrest due to his unlawful vigilante activities. Citizens for Batman is a group of people who regularly get together in support of Batman.


It’s like a bad dream. Gotham citizens are under attack. We’ve been attacked, robbed, knifed, assaulted, even murdered.


For the first time, we have hope. Batman proves we can fight back against the sociopaths, thugs, and scum that have ruled Gotham for too long.

And now, City Hall wants to arrest Batman!


Batman has given us hope back. He’s given us back a sense of power over our own lives. He’s saved lives.

Now, Batman needs our help!

Don’t let Batman be arrested. Don’t let the politicians and the corrupt cops win. Don’t give in to crime and corruption.

Meeting times

Thursdays, 8pm

Gotham City Community Center #5

1310 Adams Street, Downtown (moved from Rossi’s Deli)

Sundays, 1PM

St. Swithun's Church



Sending a message to the email address results in an autoreply response:

Dear Gotham Citizen,

Thanks for expressing your interest in joining Citizens for Batman. The easiest way you can join is by attending a meeting. Check the web site for meeting times. If you can't attend, you can always lobby City Hall to support Batman and stop any talk of his being arrested.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Brian Douglass

Founder and President, Citizens for Batman

April 1, 2008

A new update is added to the News section:

BATMAN does it again! He saves another innocent Gothamite from the clutches of evil! Citizens for Batman has invited his latest rescue, Ulyana Kasparkova, to the next meeting to share with us her incredible story! Don’t miss it!

Here’s what we know – Ulyana was walking down Fleeting Avenue last Thursday. Suddently, ski-masked thugs came out of nowhere and pulled out a pistol!

Then, Batman swooped in, with a classic lasso and hoist (a move he has employed at the docks, and using trees, at Harlow Park) . Batman roped the gunman and left him dangling from a light pole for police to pick up later!

Kasparkova has accepted our invite and will tell all! She also works as a dental technician and is expected to offer Citizens for Batman discounts on teeth cleaning! Way to go, Ulyana!!!!!

April 9, 2008

Four new updates are added to the News section:

King James Bible (Psalms 8:2), "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger." Whether young or old, black or white, rich or poor, the citizens of Gotham have placed our trust in Batman!

Life is tough for the vagrants in the rat-infested streets of Q5; violence, drugs and ok. The area is one of the worst in the city, but that didn't scare Batman! "He swooped down from that buildin' ova' there!" said one guy that CFB talked to. "One minute, I'm getting' pushed around by a couple a' punk kids, and the next minute he's savin' my hide. What a guy!" Batman saves the day!


Spread the word: the Gotham Monorail is open for business. The city's daily commuters took to the underground subway system with a renewed sense of confidence last Wednesday. And Citizens For Batman know why – cuz of Batman! "I used to be scared to take public transportation," admitted Maxine Fleiner-Baer, a member of CFB since the beginning. "But, who needs to worry with a strapping hero like [Batman] watching over us?" Who needs to worry? I'll tell you who: anyone who crosses the strong arm of the law. And, no, I'm not talking about the crooked cops of this festering berg; I'm talking about Batman. Beware, evildoers, because the subway belongs to the citizens once again!


11-year-old Francisco Gracia-Godinez won the citywide essay contest with his report entitled, "We Owe Our Life to Batman." The 500-word effort details how Frank and his family barely avoided a gruesome death at the hands of the Gambol crime syndicate recently. "He's the bravest man I've ever seen," little Franky said. "Even braver than my dad, the president and the whole army, too."

June 9, 2008

An update is added to their introduction:


There’s only one man who has devoted his life, his soul and even his identity to fighting Gotham’s criminals wherever they may lurk. He is the one we call “Batman” and he’s under fire from the media and the establishment. They’ve never understood his quiet brand of justice, but the latest development is that we, the members of CFB, are also starting to take the heat.


The public has the wrong opinion about Citizens for Batman. Well, who could blame them? According to the liberal press, we’re a bunch of violent hooligans who roam the streets looking for trouble. They only got one thing wrong: those are the people we’re working against.


CFB was founded as a network of concerned Gothamites who keep a watchful eye out for thugs, robbers and worse. These should be the targets of public scorn, not us. We are a peaceful organization that operates within the confines of the law and we always have. Don’t believe the hype; CFB is here to help Batman without hurting anyone, we’re here to clean up this town and we’re here to stay!

New updates to the News section:


Batman has been called many things - a menace, a legend, an enigma - but, the one title that seems to follow him wherever he goes is "vigilante." Because of this label, Batman has been unfairly dogged by the Gotham authorities for far too long. But now, voters have the chance to help him do his job. Proposition D will require the Gotham Police to turn their priorities from so-called "vigilantes" and make them focus their efforts on the real criminals. So, when you go to the polls, say "yes" to a safer city, say "yes" to supporting a true hero and say "yes" to Prop D.


When Marc Uttansky's wife dragged him to a costume party last weekend, he was dreading it. But, then he had an epiphany: he decided to dress as the Batman. "It was easy, really," explained Uttansky. "I just made the head out of an old kickball, painted it black, applied some electrical tape that looked like ears and voila!" When partygoers voted on their favorite outfit, Uttansky took second place and he was happy to share the credit. "Thanks, Batman. We're lookin' good!"


The Citizens for Batman will be conducting self-defense classes after their weekly meetings every Thursday, 8pm, at GCCC. These classes are open to the public, but CFB reminds all participants that these are non-violent workshops meant to increase your awareness, dexterity and sense of preservation in the face of an attack. We are not to use these techniques as an offense. That being said, Pedro Malangue is making real strides in his patented "roundhouse scissor punch" technique. See you on Thursday!

CFB event

June 30, 2008

Promotional materials

Participants who submitted to Batman Sightings on begin to receive a package from starting June 30th. The packages contain stickers, pins, metal keychains, and a note:

Citizens for Batman!

It's time to go public. To really defend Batman, we have to show the world how big our movement is. So check out the goodies inside and show your pride in CFB!

And get ready for a MAJOR show of force July 8th. (check out for the latest)

Defend Gotham. Defend Batman!

Brian Douglass
Founder, Citizens for Batman

CFB video submissions

Participants who submitted videos promoting Citizens for Batman also receive an additional promotional package, which includes a CFB shirt featuring the logo.


The webpage was updated with a countdown to 10:00 PM EDT on July 8, 2008. Clicking on the CFB pin links back to the normal home page.

July 3, 2008

The site updates with a submission field. In the CFB forums, BriDog72 informs the board that the key to activate it is "on invoice 38272899," but that he could get no other information since the informant (Batfan73) was arrested for trespassing. An update on reveals Batfan73 is GCR engineer Chuck Craston. Using this last name and the invoice number from CFB in brings up an invoice for one amplifier, which contains a software key.

Once the key was found and activated, the locations for the July 8th event are revealed: New York City and Chicago.

Sometimes, you have to take a stand. You have to fight for respect. You have to let the entire world know you're here.

On July 8th, nobody will be able to ignore us. Gather at the above coordinates at the appointed time, and help us take a stand in support of Batman!

If you can't join us on the ground, we'll be providing a way for you to watch what goes down, live on this website.

Defend Gotham! Defend Batman!

Key: 5D45C08AA6C3638D7829C0D5183FDB14B0CDBF1DCB12

Signal Booster status: ON

July 8, 2008

At 3pm EDT a chat site and a live feed are made available for each location by clicking on each building.


read this from the bottom to the top

BriDog72 says: All I can say is: WOW

IndigoGrrrl says: (picture of the Batsignal on the Empire State Building)

IndigoGrrrl says: My view:

IndigoGrrrl says: Today, Everyone Who Sees That Signal is a Citizen for Batman!

BriDog72 says: I am so proud of all of you!

DarkMatter10 says: WOW!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING

BriDog72 says: NYC is making Citizens for Batman a group that will go down in history!

BriDog72 says: INCREDIBLE!!!!

IndigoGrrrl says: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

IndigoGrrrl says: We're close here in NYC

BriDog72 says: Whatever happens, I love you guys

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC phase three completed

PizzaPaul says: We're close here in Chicago...

PizzaPaul says: Yes, roof is secured.

BriDog72 says: Is roof location secured? We need the high ground, it's strategic necessity.

IndigoGrrrl says: Third phase is continuing. Search is going on. CFB supporters here are spreading out...

IndigoGrrrl says: (picture of crowd in NYC)

BriDog72 says: Easy guys. Keep your heads on straight. EVERYONE. Don't panic. We're at the most crucial phase.

PizzaPaul says: Cops are on the scene, they're lookin mad

BriDog72 says: Had to get those messages past the authorities

IndigoGrrrl says: (picture of crowd in NYC)

IndigoGrrrl says: Approaching final position

IndigoGrrrl says: Here's what it looks like

IndigoGrrrl says: (picture of two attendees with a Domino's Pizza box)

PizzaPaul says: We're close, I can taste it it's so close,

IndigoGrrrl says: Any minute now, plan's going exactly to schedule

IndigoGrrrl says: Same here

IndigoGrrrl says: we're close here

IndigoGrrrl says: Moving to position 3

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC -- lockbox found....

PizzaPaul says: CHI here -- Packages have been delivered...They've found the lockbox...

BriDog72 says: Patience, My young friend.

DarkMatter10 says: We waited days for a video of a building?

PizzaPaul says: COUNTDOWN ZERO -- CHI IS ON!

BriDog72 says: This is amazing!!!

IndigoGrrrl says: COUNTDOWN ZERO -- NYC IS ON!

PizzaPaul says: Coppers are here!

PizzaPaul says: Lots of people here in is showing up crews, cameras, all that jazz...we're famous!

IndigoGrrrl says: More people are coming, this is crazy

Rockingranny says: NOBODY'S ARRESTING ME!

PizzaPaul says: There are a couple guys I was already suspicious of.

IndigoGrrrl says: I'll be on the lookout.

BriDog72 says: I have reports that undercover GPD officers are hiding in the crowd gathering intelligence

IndigoGrrrl says: And we have hundreds more just like them all gathered here

IndigoGrrrl says: (picture of four attendees in CFB T-shirts)

IndigoGrrrl says: Here are some of our most loyal supporters here.

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC packages on the way.

PizzaPaul says: Yes indeedy -- CHI packages on the way.

BriDog72 says: Are they packages on the way?

BriDog72 says: Soon, Citizens for Batman will be a force heard round the world!

Rockingranny says: OK

PizzaPaul says: Rockingranny, come hang out with me in the place we talked about near that thing with the whatever.

Rockingranny says: I'm in CHI! I hitchhiked!

PizzaPaul says: Everyone's gathered here in CHI, they're looking up, around, they don't know what to expect!

BriDog72 says: Wow. I hope everything goes well. I gotta tell everyone I'm a little scared. I mean, this is the biggest thing we've ever tried.

PizzaPaul says: Just got a report from my people. We have over 500 people here in CHI. It's unbelievable -- the energy.

BriDog72 says: RockinGranny! Wher u at?

Rockingranny says: This is the bee's knees!

IndigoGrrrl says: (picture of crowd at NYC)

IndigoGrrrl says: I got a pic for you guys from NYC

x Rockingranny has entered chat x

x DarkMatter10 has entered chat x

BriDog72 says: This is the proudest day of my life.

PizzaPaul says: Cops are keeping their distance. They're showing us the proper respect!

BriDog72 says: Wow that's amazing! What's going on there? What about the heat? Are there cops there badgering us?

PizzaPaul says: (picture of crowd at Chicago)

PizzaPaul says: A picture is coming to show you how amazing it is here. Citizens for Batman RULE!!!!

BriDog72 says: CHI -- how we doing?

BriDog72 says: Safety First IndigoGrrl.

IndigoGrrrl says: Sorry I'm being jostled.

BriDog72 says: What are people doing? Are they excited?

IndigoGrrrl says: Everyone is here, spilling into the streets, it's incredible. Flood of CFB supporters. Nobody can ignore it anymore.

BriDog72 says: That's fantastic!

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC here. Huge gathering here. Filled with CFB supporters. T-shirts everywhere. This is an incredible show of report. Hundreds here.

BriDog72 says: Status reports please.

IndigoGrrrl says: And lady!

WWBD says: Hello Gentlemen

x WWBD has entered chat x

IndigoGrrrl says: This is amazing.

BriDog72 says: Paul Wassup Brother?

IndigoGrrrl says: Hi!

x PizzaPaul has entered chat x

BriDog72 says: Indigo!

x IndigoGrrrl has entered chat x

BriDog72 says: Anybody Here?

x BriDog72 has entered chat x

x Bridog72 has left chat x

Bridog72 says: Hey everyone. Check back here tonight. We'll have a live video stream and text updates from the rally points.

x Bridog72 has entered chat x


Reports are coming in that participants who have gathered in each location are receiving CFB shirts and Gotham Times newspapers.

After some time, a Batsignal was shown on the Empire State Building (NYC) and Sears Tower (Chicago)



New York City



On April 9, 2008, the Citizens for Batman message board went online. Players cannot join the forums, but can read the threads. The forums spoof the Superhero Hype! message boards, a popular discussion place for the Dark Knight ARG. Many SHH members have found their usernames spoofed in these forums.

Film connections

Minor spoilers:
The film includes a scene with Gotham citizens dressed as Batman acting as vigilantes, and the secret forum (see the below section) indicates that Citizens for Batman's members will become these fake Batmen. The casting sides include two related scenes; one where Batman confronts one of the vigilantes and another where Brian Douglass, the group's leader, is being interrogated by an unknown individual about why he wants to be like Batman.

Hidden links

A secret second forum known as CFB Underground was found through the Gotham City Pizzeria's free pizza promotion. This second forum is where members discuss their plans to enforce Gotham's laws with vigilante justice.

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