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Main Characters

The Joker

A notorious criminal who gets his name from his gruesome clown-like appearance and personality. A vicious, insane killer and brilliant criminal mastermind, his only goal seems to be the destruction of law and order in Gotham City.

Harvey Dent

The District Attorney of Gotham City and former Acting District Attorney, whose election campaign was mocked by the Joker. He has campaigned against the mob and corruption within the GPD.


A mysterious vigilante who has saved various Gotham citizens numerous times. His presence in the city has a mixed reaction, with some calling him a criminal and others saying he is a hero.

Minor Characters

Gang members

Salvatore Maroni

The current head of Carmine Falcone's mob.

"The Chechen"

A gang that opposses Sal Maroni/Falcone.


A leader of a gang of street thugs opposing both Falcone and The Chechen's factions.

Carmine Falcone

The former mob boss of the Falcone gang, who is currently a patient at Arkham Asylum after being driven insane by the Scarecrow's fear toxin.

Frederick Alder

An attempted car thief who was thwarted by Batman. He suffered severe injuries from the attack and eventually died from suffocation.

Gotham authority

Alphabetized by last name

Glenn Barhyte

A detective for the GPD Internal Affairs division and, later, for the Major Crimes Unit. He was killed during a fight between drug dealers and Citizens for Batman vigilantes.

Lt. Karl Breitup

A corrupt police officer who fled the scene of Gina Tortericci's murder. He was later killed during a shootout with GPD Internal Affairs members when they tried to arrest him.

Lawrence Coniglia

A corrupt police officer who was arrested for interfering in an investigation, racketeering, and assault. He is married to Anna Marie Loverso, and their marriage was witnessed by Sal Maroni.

Rachel Dawes

A Gotham assistant district attorney, and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne.

Brian Douglass

A GPD officer, president/founder of the Citizens for Batman organization and vigilante. He is believed to be "Atoz," a GPD Major Crimes Unit file clerk who befriended Glenn Barhyte.

Arnold Flass

A corrupt GPD detective who has been suspended from duty and charged with corruption.

Roger Garcetti (aka the Iceman)

Gotham's acting district attorney, who has a notable dislike of Batman and Harvey Dent. He lost reelection to Harvey Dent and now faces criminal charges for ties to the Falcone family.

Anthony Garcia

Gotham's mayor, who was recently re-elected.

Lt. James Gordon

A GPD officer who is secretly an ally of Batman.

Commissioner Gillian Loeb

The current head of the Gotham Police Department.

Detective Sergeant Jason McCree

A corrupt police officer who fled the scene of Gina Tortericci's murder. He was later arrested for taking bribes.

Sergeant Francis Notaro

A decorated police officer who accused Harvey Dent of bribery as part of the mob organization Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham's plan to undermine the Dent campaign. After he decided to end his involvement with the group, fear for his own life prompted him to take hostages at Rossi's Deli, but Dent was able to persuade him to surrender to the police.

Kevin Slatteronsky

Officer for the Gotham Police Internal Affairs Department.

Gotham Citizens

Alphabetized by last name

Joseph Candoloro

A family law lawyer who founded the group Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham, which opposed Harvey Dent. After being outed as a member of the mob, he fled Gotham to avoid the GPD.

Mike Engel

A Gotham Cable News reporter and host of the TV program Gotham Tonight.

Lucius Fox

The current head of Wayne Enterprises.

Jake Karnassian

The manager of buildings and grounds for Gotham's public schools. His school ID was apparently stolen by the Joker. He vanished a few months later, and his family was found dead at a carnival shortly thereafter.

James Levine

A reporter for The Gotham Times and observer of Gotham's mob activity.

Albert Rossi

Owner of Rossi's Deli and associate of Karl Breitup and Joseph Candoloro. A known mob figure, Rossi was attacked by Batman and subsequently arrested for intimidating citizens into voting for Roger Garcetti.

Susan Swalthammer

A carjacking victim who is suing Batman after he attacked the carjacker, causing the vehicle to crash.

Gina Tortericci

A student who was murdered in a gang shooting on Thanksgiving. Her father John set up the website She has an older sister, Lisa.

John Tortericci

Gina Tortericci's father, who set up and led the grassroots campaign for Harvey Dent's District Attorney bid. He is a member of Citizens for Batman.

Dana Worthington

The founder of, the Gotham Victims Advocacy Foundation. She ran for District Attorney but lost to Harvey Dent.

Jonathan Crane (aka Scarecrow)

A former Arkham Asylum doctor and creator of the Fear Toxin.

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