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-The following is the online discussion that transpired between [[|Citizens for Batman]] members who mastermined the [[|July 8 event.]]+The following is the online discussion that transpired between [[|Citizens for Batman]] members who masterminded the [[|July 8 event.]]

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The following is the online discussion that transpired between Citizens for Batman members who masterminded the July 8 event.

Read from the bottom to the top

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC signing out! (pic of NYC batsignal from stream)

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC signing out! (pic of NYC batsignal from stream)

PizzaPaul says: Turning off stream - here's a pic! (pic of CHI batsignal from stream)

x IndigoGrrrl has entered chat x

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BriDog72 says: Guys, this was the best night of my life. Two cities, two bat signals, two powerful symbols -- symbols of a movement that is just beginning. A movement to defend Batman. To protect Batman. To fight for Batman. Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to the hundreds of CFB supporters that came out to help us put it all together.

(At this time the camera moves in closer) (Image of close up Chicago building with Batsignal)

DarkMatter10 says: Guys they got a close-up of Chicago now it looks amazing amazing

Rockingranny says: There, that's better!

Rockingranny says: I have to take my pill -- it looks like it's moving!


PizzaPaul says: Here's a shot of the scene in CHI

PizzaPaul says:(Image of the Batsignal from Chicago)

Rockingranny says: WOW! This is the cat's pajamas!

BriDog72 says: We're back up in Chicago and shining bright!

PizzaPaul says: Take a look at that guys

x PizzaPaul has entered chat x

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x IndigoGrrrl has left chat x

DarkMatter10 says: bye Indigo Congrats!

IndigoGrrrl says: I gotta say, NYC was a huge success. We struck a huge blow for Batman and for Gotham. I'm gonna go thank everyone on the ground. When we wake up tomorrow, it's gonna be a whole different world we wake up to! Cya guys!

x PizzaPaul has left chat x

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PizzaPaul says: OK.

BriDog72 says: PIzzaPaul, call me, we gotta talk.

BriDog72 says: City Hall will have to take notice here. This is huge. They can't treat us like some kind of fringe movement now. We are now to be reckoned with.

DarkMatter10 says: Wow. Now people are gonna RESPECT me when i wear my CFB t-shirt

BriDog72 says: Now that's the spirit!!!!!

IndigoGrrrl says: (Picture of crowd in NYC)

IndigoGrrrl says: People are crying it's so emotional

IndigoGrrrl says: This is unbelievable.

PizzaPaul says: It's off.

BriDog72 says: Do what u need to do.

(Note: At this point, the Chicago Batsignal was turned off.)

PizzaPaul says: CHI needs to go dark for a while, we're gonna try to get back up within an hour

BriDog72 says: What's going on in Chicago?

BriDog72 says: All I can say is: WOW

IndigoGrrrl says: (The Batsignal on the Woolworth Building)

IndigoGrrrl says: My view:

IndigoGrrrl says: Today, Everyone Who Sees That Signal is a Citizen for Batman!

BriDog72 says: I am so proud of all of you!

DarkMatter10 says: WOW!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING

BriDog72 says: NYC is making Citizens for Batman a group that will go down in history!

BriDog72 says: INCREDIBLE!!!!

IndigoGrrrl says: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Note: At this point, two Batsignals began projecting onto the Woolworth Building and Sears Tower.)

IndigoGrrrl says: We're close here in NYC

BriDog72 says: Whatever happens, I love you guys

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC phase three completed

PizzaPaul says: We're close here in Chicago...

PizzaPaul says: Yes, roof is secured.

BriDog72 says: Is roof location secured? We need the high ground, it's strategic necessity.

IndigoGrrrl says: Third phase is continuing. Search is going on. CFB supporters here are spreading out...

IndigoGrrrl says: (Picture of crowd in NYC)

BriDog72 says: Easy guys. Keep your heads on straight. EVERYONE. Don't panic. We're at the most crucial phase.

PizzaPaul says: Cops are on the scene, they're lookin mad

BriDog72 says: Had to get those messages past the authorities

IndigoGrrrl says: (Picture of crowd in NYC)

IndigoGrrrl says: Approaching final position

IndigoGrrrl says: Here's what it looks like

IndigoGrrrl says: (Picture of two attendees with a Domino's Pizza box)

PizzaPaul says: We're close, I can taste it it's so close,

IndigoGrrrl says: Any minute now, plan's going exactly to schedule

IndigoGrrrl says: Same here

IndigoGrrrl says: we're close here

IndigoGrrrl says: Moving to position 3

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC -- lockbox found....

PizzaPaul says: CHI here -- Packages have been delivered...They've found the lockbox...

BriDog72 says: Patience, My young friend.

DarkMatter10 says: We waited days for a video of a building?

PizzaPaul says: COUNTDOWN ZERO -- CHI IS ON!

BriDog72 says: This is amazing!!!

IndigoGrrrl says: COUNTDOWN ZERO -- NYC IS ON!

PizzaPaul says: Coppers are here!

PizzaPaul says: Lots of people here in is showing up crews, cameras, all that jazz...we're famous!

IndigoGrrrl says: More people are coming, this is crazy

Rockingranny says: NOBODY'S ARRESTING ME!

PizzaPaul says: There are a couple guys I was already suspicious of.

IndigoGrrrl says: I'll be on the lookout.

BriDog72 says: I have reports that undercover GPD officers are hiding in the crowd gathering intelligence

IndigoGrrrl says: And we have hundreds more just like them all gathered here

IndigoGrrrl says: (Picture of four attendees in CFB T-shirts)

IndigoGrrrl says: Here are some of our most loyal supporters here.

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC packages on the way.

PizzaPaul says: Yes indeedy -- CHI packages on the way.

BriDog72 says: Are they packages on the way?

BriDog72 says: Soon, Citizens for Batman will be a force heard round the world!

Rockingranny says: OK

PizzaPaul says: Rockingranny, come hang out with me in the place we talked about near that thing with the whatever.

Rockingranny says: I'm in CHI! I hitchhiked!

PizzaPaul says: Everyone's gathered here in CHI, they're looking up, around, they don't know what to expect!

BriDog72 says: Wow. I hope everything goes well. I gotta tell everyone I'm a little scared. I mean, this is the biggest thing we've ever tried.

PizzaPaul says: Just got a report from my people. We have over 500 people here in CHI. It's unbelievable -- the energy.

BriDog72 says: RockinGranny! Wher u at?

Rockingranny says: This is the bee's knees!

IndigoGrrrl says: (Picture of crowd at NYC)

IndigoGrrrl says: I got a pic for you guys from NYC

x Rockingranny has entered chat x

x DarkMatter10 has entered chat x

BriDog72 says: This is the proudest day of my life.

PizzaPaul says: Cops are keeping their distance. They're showing us the proper respect!

BriDog72 says: Wow that's amazing! What's going on there? What about the heat? Are there cops there badgering us?

PizzaPaul says: (Picture of crowd at Chicago)

PizzaPaul says: A picture is coming to show you how amazing it is here. Citizens for Batman RULE!!!!

BriDog72 says: CHI -- how we doing?

BriDog72 says: Safety First IndigoGrrl.

IndigoGrrrl says: Sorry I'm being jostled.

BriDog72 says: What are people doing? Are they excited?

IndigoGrrrl says: Everyone is here, spilling into the streets, it's incredible. Flood of CFB supporters. Nobody can ignore it anymore.

BriDog72 says: That's fantastic!

IndigoGrrrl says: NYC here. Huge gathering here. Filled with CFB supporters. T-shirts everywhere. This is an incredible show of report. Hundreds here.

BriDog72 says: Status reports please.

IndigoGrrrl says: And lady!

WWBD says: Hello Gentlemen

x WWBD has entered chat x

IndigoGrrrl says: This is amazing.

BriDog72 says: Paul Wassup Brother?

IndigoGrrrl says: Hi!

x PizzaPaul has entered chat x

BriDog72 says: Indigo!

x IndigoGrrrl has entered chat x

BriDog72 says: Anybody Here?

x BriDog72 has entered chat x

x Bridog72 has left chat x

Bridog72 says: Hey everyone. Check back here tonight. We'll have a live video stream and text updates from the rally points.

x Bridog72 has entered chat x

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