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The final message appears below, with a link to the third case file, which was updated shortly after with photos of the 'victim':

We have a winner!

A new clown has stepped up to represent me in some sensitive negotiations with old pals of mine from uptown. The lucky candidate will be starting his new career at the county morgue within the hour.

Your buddies on the ground should go back to the vans. Nobody goes home empty handed!

Thanks for the smiles!

Case file text:

Gotham Police Department - Update: "Joker" Eliminated - All Forces Stand Down
Do Not Disseminate - Police Department Use Only


Reported Code Violations 7-27-07
415, 594, 602, 136.1, 528, 422, 207, 203, 220


4th and Island, 2nd and J, Harbor Blvd, Convention Center, 6th and J, MLK Promenade, Children's Walk


In a bizarre twist, the dangerous individual known as "the Joker" was murdered today as a result of mob action he may himself have instigated.

Multiple witnesses report that citizens dragged a man postively identified as "the Joker" from a crowd and pushed him into a waiting vehicle. Shortly thereafter, officers discovered the abandoned vehicle and the body of the dead clown.

Clutched in his hand was a card. Although stained with blood, the card was still clearly legible, and carried the threat, "See you in December."

Obviously, this madman was intending to perpetrate some kind of public outrage this winter. Ironically, his own miscalculations and the public-minded citizens of our city were his undoing.

The Mayor, DA Dent, and Police Commisioner Loeb would like to personally thank all officers who answered the call this morning. Thanks to your efforts, the people of this great city can sleep safely again, knowing that whatever cruel, bloody, despicable act the "Joker" had planned for this winter will now, surely, never come to pass.


Next to the exclamation point in "empty handed!", there is a tiny graphic depicting static. Clicking on this reveals the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight.

At this point on the ground, the game had ended. The participants were given clown masks like the ones worn by the Joker's henchmen, along with a final note:

Well, that guy earned the job you all would have died for.

But cheer up! Every skull can grin, friends! Soon, EVERYONE will know how much you helped me out. It was all just great fun. And if your face hasn't started to itch in the next ten minutes, you must be one of the lucky ones.

Right now, your buddies online are getting their special award, but this little gift is just for you.

Go ahead. Put it on. It is perfectly safe.

I promise.

Pic by Injust07
Pic by Injust07

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