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[edit] November 27, 2007

If you've finished my quiz, then it's time for the next step in the interview process, something to test your aptitude. Spaces count:

  • Eighth
  • Sixth
  • Eighth
  • Ninth
  • Ninth
  • Second
  • Fourth
  • Second
  • Third

The answer was found by going to the personality profile love tester and using the clues from the email to count out a series of letters. This spelled MAUSOLEUM, which led to http://www.whysoserious.com/mausoleum.

[edit] The puzzle

The site features the image of a safe, and a note:

You sure do know how to put a smile on a guy's face! Now your task is simple.

Your job is to find a way into the evidence vault.

Our fine friends in blue have collected something that surely doesn't belong to them.

  • Blood splatters partially cover the letters E I T M O R F F F A T Y. Rearranging these letters results in the phrase "Time for Taffy." In the A1 page of The Gotham Times, it is mentioned that Maroni lieutenant Johnny "Taffyface" Linata was killed at 7:38AM.
  • When the participant changes their computer clock to read 7:38AM, the safe can be opened, revealing a note rewarding their creativity:

Nice work thinking outside the box.

A clown should never take anything at face value. Particularly if it involves rules.

Put your feet up, take a little rest. I'll be in touch in a few days, and then I'll have another little job for you.

[edit] The Reward

After clicking on the previous note, several items in evidence are revealed.

The connection of these items to various bits of information given in The Gotham Times is still being established.

  • Other items include a crumpled $1 bill, crumpled $5 bill, a quarter, a penny, a folding pocket knife, Jake Karnassian's ID for the Gotham Unified School District, a black leather wallet, a set of keys on a caribiner, and a Lifesaver mint.
  • Scene of the crime is placed at 2612 Briggs (CC). The newspaper article expands this location to be at the intersection of Briggs and Downey in Center City.

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