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Checkpoint 4

The following riddle appears below, with a link to a case file:

Remember prison? Sure you do! There are some things in every jail your "friends" on the ground can find in certain circular fountains, too.

Tell me how many and of what.

Case file text (written since this trail began - after 10am, July 27):

Gotham Police Department - City wide alert
Do Not Disseminate - Police Department Use Only


Reported Code Violations 7-27-07
415, 594, 602, 136.1, Attempted 203


4th and Island, 2nd and J, Harbor Blvd, Convention Center


Shortly after 10:00 multiple sources began reporting the presence of a dangerous criminal moving repidly through the city. The suspect was reported to be wearing "clown-style" make-up that witnesses repeatedly described as "disturbing" or "upsetting." Witnesses describe the suspect's manner as "bizarre," "unpredictable," "spiteful" or "malicious."

Police have reason to believe that this apparent randomness is a smokescreen covering a well-planned and highly organized wave of criminal activity.

Suspect is believed to be extremely dangerous, with no inhibitions against using lethal force. If you see the suspect, do not attempt one on one confrontation. Call in your location and attempt to ascertain the suspect's goals or underlying plan while waiting for backup.

This situation is potentially explosive. Be smart, be safe.


After the person on the scene was instructed to find the 'circular fountains' nearby, they would look inside, and find a certain number of bars. Counting revealed 74, thus the passphrase:

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