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(the checkpoint location header is the same as the previous page)

Checkpoint 3

Excellent! Bravo for daring to leave your dreary old waste of a
life behind. Once your accomplices are finished making themselves
look beautiful, tell them to go to this place. It should be within eyeshot.

The following riddle appears below, with an embedded sound that plays when you move the mouse over the dollar bill:

Yes, in crime as in any other fine art, passion is a necessary ingredient for greatness. Now, to complete the next step in the interview process, tell your friends to find the handsome bouquet-bearing gentlemen.

Tell one of them "why so serious?" and he might give them something or he might just kill them. Life is full of choices.

From what he gives them, your friends will have your keyphrase.


When the person on the scene arrives at checkpoint 3 and finds the man with the bouquet, telling him "Why so serious?", they were promptly told to lighten up, then given a balloon. Within the balloon was a note containing the passphrase:

If you think that's fun with a balloon, you should try it with a human head! I like .

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