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(the checkpoint location header is the same as the previous page)

Checkpoint 2

Thanks for submitting your application: Are you ready to take
the next step to a better, more high-profile career?
Serious candidates need strong leadership skills.
Convince your friends on the ground to meet with our sales
associates here:

The following riddle appears below with playable audio:

Very good! Always leave them smiling, that's what I say!

Now you'll need your friends to collect some tools of the trade from our representatives. Use the pass phrase "I FEEL PRETTY" to take the next step in your exciting new career! Remember, though, it's the early worm that gets the hook. First come, first served.

While your friends dash off to connect the dots --- have a laugh on me... (download mp3])


Users had to instruct the person on the scene to find and approach the 'sales associates' at checkpoint 2 and tell them 'I feel pretty', at which point they began painting Joker faces on their faces.

Then, listening carefully to the laughter and following the riddle's hint of dash and dots reveals it's a morse code.

The long/short laughters produce:

-- --- ..- -. - . -... .- -. -.-

Which can then be converted to the passphrase to submit:

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