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[edit] Checklist, 2008

On June 27, 2008, Whysoserious.com was updated to include a montage of various Joker-related websites, and a checklist with links to every major Joker trail in the ARG. The accomplished tasks are crossed out on the list.

  • When the page was first discovered, the list had three tasks that were not crossed out. All items are now crossed off, which implies that the game has ended.
(screencap as of June 30)

[edit] To-Do


1. Participate in local election but make it all about me (5/18)
2. Recruit henchmen, sacrifice one to fake own death (7/27)
3. Make everyone everywhere look like me (11/1)
4. Filter out the sane ones (11/23)
5. Give select goons secure phones (inside cakes? Poisoned cakes?) (11/30)
6. Cultivate A Taste For The Theatrical (12/14)
7. Send cops down the wrong lane (4/1)
8. Make fun of "the Batman" (4/29)
9. Reveal ugly face of "Gotham justice" (6/16)
10. Hit em where it hurts (6/19)
11. Get ready to really blow up (6/25)
12. Be good to my guests (7/1)
13. Gather all my fans (7/7)
14. Leave a big mark (7/9)

Future tasks

[edit] July 3

After the end of the Operator trail, item 12 is crossed out with a link to Whysoserious.com/Operator and the date 7/1, meaning there are now only two tasks left.

[edit] July 10

Task 13 is crossed out with a link to Whysoserious.com/Bamboozle and the date 7/7, leaving "leave a big mark" as the only task remaining.

[edit] July 11

Task 14 is crossed out with a link to Whysoserious.com/Kickingandscreening and the date 7/9, meaning that the ARG has apparently ended.

[edit] July 13

Page is updated to automatically play the recorded message made to players who used their phone numbers in the game and Joker cell phone owners. Direct Link

[edit] Montage

Included in the montage are images of various ARG elements, linking them to that particular page. The elements include newspaper clippings, bowling shoes, a personality quiz, Gotham map, phone directory (with every URL and phone number of the ARG-related Gotham businesses), a cake infested with maggots, the Whysoserious.com/Happytrails ad, the Atasteforthetheatrical.com ad, a vandalized Joker card, a Jokerized portrait of Lincoln, bloodied Polaroids of people wearing Joker makeup, and a Jokerized dollar bill.

[edit] Police Reports

Clicking on items 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 brings up confidential GPD reports about each of the events. Transcripts of these reports can be seen on each event's respective page.

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