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When I visit the Dentmobile in San Fransisco, I'm paying the bakery who had the cake there a visit.

Did anyone else notice one of the bears does not have a "DO NOT CALL" notice?

  • It was so people wouldn't bother the bakeries. Some of the bears had them and others did not. Not that it worked anyway, since lots of people called beforehand but had to go there anyway. Sugarfiend06 11:15 February 16 2007

Is there a reflection in the left eye of the monkey? It looks like a clown... could be wrong.

OMG WHY MORE BEARS?!!?!?? Okay, screw updating this everytime a new bear comes up, you guys will just have to go to the page. :P Sugarfiend06 10:17 December 4 PST

Bwahahaha this exchange was bound to happen and it must be saved for posterity: "I just picked up the cake in Chicago, what do I do with it?" "Open up the ******* cake." "Why? It didn't tell me to." Everyone on forum: "AAAAAAAAGH!" Sugarfiend06 11:21 December 4 2007