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Poster: BriDog72
Friday, June 27th, 2008 at 07:47

Guys, I got a great idea. For anyone who's been reading the papers or checking out the local news, Citizens for Batman has a public relations problem. Reporters are making us look like a bunch of crazies. So, here's what I think we all should do: make a video showing them who we are. What we believe in. Do it in front of a black background, no masks or hoods or anything, just you. And just start talking to camera about what We believe in. We believe in Gotham, in safety, etc. End it the same way: "I am a citizen for batman." And then send it off to GCN. Show the world that we are not a bunch of psychos! I think we can get some really good distribution for the best ones. OK? Cool!

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