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The site is a memorial site for Gina Tortericci, who was murdered in the crossfire of gang violence. The webpage was set up by her father, John. He names the two police officers (Jason McCree and Karl Breitup) mentioned in The Gotham Times as having fled the scene of the violence and leaving Gina to die.


This page is created in honor of Gina Tortericci, so that her friends and family may remember her in life. Gina Tortericci was a great daughter, a great friend and a great student.

John Tortericci's letter

An Open Letter from John Tortericci:

This is for everyone who, like me, trusted other people, your community, your city, your blood. I knew what people said about Sal Maroni. I didn’t have any truck with that. I was a clean, upstanding guy, and I figured, as long as I kept my nose clean, what the Maroni’s of this world did was their own business. But I was wrong and Gina is dead because of it. I don’t even blame those two cops, the ones who were supposed to be on patrol that night. Karl Breitup and Jason McCree. They’re just doing what I did, looking the other way. The problem is, we count on civilization to protect us. To protect our family. To protect our children. We count on the lights staying on and the water being safe and not having some fear toxin in it.

We count on the cops to protect us. Maybe, when I was a kid, this city was like that, but it’s not anymore.

Messages from friends


I am so greatful that I met you in Boyum's homeroom. Everytime I ran into a crisis (and you know who I'm talking about!!!) I remember your hugs and the way you would tell me to "Grow up, girl!" We had amazing convos, amazing mac and cheese, amazing sleepovers! You were beautiful and you loved everybody that came your way. I love you Gina!!! We will see each other in a flash, so have fun without me (it's possible, you know!) for a little while.




I can't believe you're gone. Thank you for being you Gina. I didn't know you a lot but when we met at school you were always so fun and nice. I didn't know you for long but you were one of the few people who remembered my name. RIP Gina we miss you



I love you and miss you more than anything in the world. You are my lil sister and you will always be in my heart. It still hasn't sunk in that you're gone. Mom hasn’t touched your room and I'm not gonna ever let her. It will be waiting for you if you ever decide to visit us. :) And don't worry about George the Bunny, he misses you, but I will take care of him. I know we fought sometimes but I always loved you and I know you loved me. There were so many people at your funeral, Gina, it was like the whole world came out and remembered you. You obviously affected a lot of people just by bein you. I LOVE YOU SIS




Yesterday I went to the roof that we used to hang out on, with the view of the river and the weird Japanese woman cookin those weird herbs. I laid down and looked at the clouds like we used to and I had a conversation with you. You told me that things were good where you were. That you loved your life and the only thing you regret is not saying goodbye to everyone. I wanted to stay longer and talk to you but, it was getting too cold. So I left, but then I bought a flower and brought it to you today. I hope you’re still doing good up therel I miss you so much BFF GINA


Gina I miss you; Jerry Misses You; Everyone Misses You.


In lieu of flowers, the family requests that contributions be made to the Gotham Victims Advocate Foundation.


Sending an email to responds with the following:

I'm Gina's Aunt Gail and I'm maintaining this website for my sister, Gina's mother. Thank you for your remembrance of Gina. So many people have moved away from the old neighborhood that it's easy to forget how many people are still here. When we first moved here, I can remember we used to all sit on the stoops and the whole neighborhood knew each other. But that was before the Stratalinni's Grocery on the corner was burned down--I remember Gina and her sister used to beg for quarters to go down there and buy candy.

It was a different place then. Now I know my son will never allow my new grandson to go down to the avenue on his own. Everybody is locked up tight in the evening, we don't see each other. It takes a tragedy to remember we have neighbors.

Thank you for reminding us.


December 2

An update was added to the memorial page:

In addition to the private service recently held for friends and family, a Funeral Mass and Memorial Service will be held for the public at St. Swithun’s on Monday at 2:00 pm. Thank you, everyone, for your incredible outpouring of support.

This message leads to another viral site at

December 4

Another update:

Dec. 4th - I would like to extend a sincere thank-you to everyone who came to say goodbye to our Gina at yesterday’s service. I really shouldn't be surprised over how many people made it to the memorial service. I should tell you that Gail made so many cookies I was worried I would be eating cookies for every meal through the New Year. And yet all of the cookies were gone by the time we all left, because that's how many people showed up.

They say the worst thing for a parent to endure is having their child die before them. It is not enough that Gina died and a piece of my heart is missing forever. It is the reminder every morning when we wake up and face a city that has not healed, that continues to stare me in the face, that leaves me wishing I could do more to honor my baby girl's life, to make her time here on Earth mean something. I struggle every day with this desire. I hope at least Gina has found her peace. Thank you.

December 9

A new story about is added at the bottom of the page:

This is so unbelievable. How do I even begin to come up with the words in a moment like this? What can I say? Then it occurs to me, what would my Gina say to me? "Gotham Senior High rules!?" Ha! I don't think we ever said that!! Since first period, of the very first day of 9th grade, we were like brother and sister when we sat next to each other in Mr.Surrell's "creative writing" class. Man, he was such a hack! I remember during the summer of our sophomore year, I couldn't stand it when you nicknamed me "Piggy", simply because I ate an entire pizza at Kubbi's HalloweeN party! But, once again, you made it virtually impossible for me to even think of being mad at you because your costume that night was so adorable! You were my "Bunny"! Everyone at school began calling us "Bunny & Piggy" after that! In writing this, I just realized, I mean REALLY realized, I'll never hear you call me "Piggy" again. Wow. You know G, I'll always remember you, going above and beyond ("Gizzay Tizzay style"), tutoring me in history with those ridiculous assignments from Ms.Arora and then looking forward to sitting next to you, after lunch, in Mr.Vincent's music appreciation class. Who even knew half of those bands he liked! What a weirdo! All of this unbearable sadness, what has happened to you, what is still happening to our city and then reading what your father, John, has written in regards to your passing, is consuming me with such heartbreaking grief. He loved you so did everyone who was fortunate enough to encounter you my sweet GT. You will be missed, remembered, loved always and never forgotten, my "Bunny".

Kevin V./"Piggy"

July 10

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