Pasquale Bistro wiretap (MCU4735119)

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Man A and B are Romeo and Stevie

Pasquale is likely the chef with the French accent. (Have to confirm it's the guy with the same accent in Gotham Tonight..)

Man C and D are likely goons from a rival gang, but probably have connections with the Joker.


[Dinnerware rattling throughout, as if recorded by the kitchen]

Pasquale : Jenny! Jenny! Why is every American girl named Jenny?

[Door opens]

A: Hello, gentlemen!

Pasquale: (ignoring them) What a silly name! Silly name in a silly country!

Waitress: We just had twelve of the fillets!

B: Hey, we're here for the envelope, man!

Waitress: We need one pistachio lamb and one pan scallop!

B: Are you listening?

[background chatter - " this morning!"]

A: I don't think you're listenin'!

Pasquale: Who taught you to saute a pork zat way?

[background chatter - "Are these hot potatoes?]

A: Who needs this?

[background chatter - "..whisky!" "...ridiculous!" "We have another special.."]

Pasquale: This is bull! You are not making a 'amburger!

[background chatter - "...take it easy, nobody speaks up."]

B: Ehhh, do what the boss wants.

Pasquale: You take, I give! Such is life!

[pan sizzles]

Pasquale: Are you trying to cook zat or cremate it?!

A: (as if on phone) Yeah, Maroni and the boss just called a truce. They're workin' together now.

B: Eh, screw this! [knocking a pan] Hello, hello? We're lookin' for an envelope we left here.

Customer: We're here for our take-out.

[door slams open, footsteps]

B: What the hell is this?!

[guns cock]

C: You don't know?

A: Know what?

D: It's baseball season!

A: NO!

[bat slams, sickening crunch]

Woman: Oh my God!

[body slams]

C: Let's wrap that order, boys! [ripping sound]

D: What a pair of zeros! [slam]

A: What is this? We got a truce!

D: [mockingly] Ohh, a truce! A truce? Oh! A truce! Well, we are so sorry! Gosh, a truce - well! That changes everything!

[another slam, dinnerware shatters]

C: Okay, let's get 'em outta here.

[bodies heard dragging on the floor]